Are you a penny pinching bride-to-be?

Confession: I don’t have any get-rich quick schemes. But one of my goals for is to offer sound advice on having a dream wedding within one’s means. That is why in every Tie the Knot Tuesday profile I get real tips and tricks from the featured bride on ways that future brides can get the most bang for their bridal buck. I’ve also shared frugal advice on other occasions for those preparing to say ‘I Do” — one of my faves is this post.

But I’ve been wanting to dig even deeper. And I mean beyond the budget spreadsheets and such. Ureka! The other day I was on Twitter (are you following Triple B yet?) and a savvy newlywed commented she was preparing to wash and style her hair — at home. She added that she planned to give herself a mani and pedi, too. Having just returned from the hair salon, I was impressed. She explained, “My husband’s family is all about saving money and they live very nicely because of smart money decisions. I’m trying to learn from them.” Humph. God knows my tail needs to save as much money as possible these days and I’m not even planning a wedding! So I decided that unless I’m getting a chemical treatment or a trim, I would start doing my hair myself, too. Then it hit me…a bride-to-be can use this as a way to save up for her big day as well!

What’s that you say? Much easier said (or typed) than done, huh? Or perhaps you think that is a no-brainer. Well the cost of the average American wedding is roughly $25,000 and most folks don’t just have $25k sitting around, so I think those planning their nuptials can benefit from any and all possible penny-pinching ideas. For instance, between November 2009 and December 2010 I went on an apparel diet with hundreds of other women across the globe. I was even featured on the local news because of it along with other extreme savers. Check it out here — I’m at the end. Although extreme, those guys before me have some great money-saving ideas. I need to play catch-up!

Would you consider not buying any clothes for a year? Important note before you freak out: Eighty percent of people in this country only wear twenty percent of their wardrobe. You’ll be surprised how creative you can be when you’re forced to do so. The money saved can be deposited into a savings account and then used toward services like a videographer or even towards your honeymoon. I’ll admit that playing kitchen beautician (especially since my hair is currently short) will take true will power but thankfully I am pretty good at styling my own tresses. Are you this brave? Are you already doing your hair yourself or is that just a deal-breaker for you? What activities has your honey given up to help save for your upcoming wedding?

Would you sacrifice shopping or getting your hair and nails “done” professionally for a year to help cut costs for your wedding day? If not, what are your suggestions for saving money to prepare for a wedding?