Road to Mrs. blogger Nadine is searching for the perfect hairstyle and veil. And she plans to rock her short 'do sans a weave!

Hey ladies! When planning your wedding, indecisiveness isn’t sexy. Among the many questions I’ve asked myself, two have been hanging over my head:

1. How am I going to wear my hair?

2. Will I wear a veil and if so what kind?

The answer to question #2 is easy. I’ve decided to go less traditional and wear a bridal fascinator and headpiece, handmade by Toronto-based milliner David Dunkley of KC’s Hats. I had the pleasure of meeting David at a recent bridal show and fell in love his work. Although David is an international award-winning milliner, what sold me was his warmth and personal attention. I love the versatility of my piece!  While I can’t say which one I chose, I can show you a photo of one that didn’t make the cut. (See me in above left pic for that style.)

Now, the answer to question #1 requires more thought. My hair is worn in a crop cut (think Halle Berry). The problem is if you’re a woman with short hair, finding the right wedding hairstyle can be a challenge, especially if you’re a Black woman with short hair. It doesn’t matter that my hairstylist is amazing; I have to decide on a style. Unfortunately, the majority of bridal photos I’ve seen are of women with long hair. I have zero interest in getting extensions and/or a weave. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but it’s just not me. I’d prefer to give some love to my ladies with short hair and share a few photos of hair accessories and veils from Tiger Lilly and Regina B. that have caught my eye.  Enjoy!

The Janine Birdcage Veil from Tiger Lilly
The Vienna Birdcage Veil from Tiger Lilly
Salome Headband from Tiger Lilly
A jeweled feathered comb from Regina B.
Another blinged out feathered comb option from Regina B.

I’m still looking for the perfect wedding hairstyle.  Have you found yours?

[Triple B Note: Please check out this article to see classy options for brides with natural hair.]