Amsale Sitting Pretty: Find out what really goes on behind the scenes of her upscale bridal salon!

Now that you’ve had the opportunity to view a couple of episodes of WeTV’s new series Amsale Girls, I’m sharing a fun and informative Q&A with sales rep Emily Leu from the Amsale team. She’s been on staff for nearly a decade. Read on to find out what it’s really like to work with the talented designer, how Amsale Girls differs from other bridal reality shows and what wedding gowns are universally flattering. Enjoy!

Black Bridal Bliss: How will Amsale Girls differ and/or be similar to other bridal-centric reality shows?
Emily Leu: We show a lot of the brides and dresses, but our show picks up where the other shows leave off. A career in high-end bridal can be stressful. It’s a carefully orchestrated dance from start to finish to get a bride down the aisle in a flawless gown, and most of the interesting things happen behind the scenes! It’s not always flowers and sunshine.

BBB: What is it like working for a creative mastermind like Amsale?
I’ve been working with Amsale for a long time. Besides my parents, I don’t believe that anyone else has taught me more. She’s so creative but she’s also a shrewd business woman and whip smart. That’s a tough combination to find. Even though she demands the best, she’s working right along with us in the trenches until the job is done. She isn’t the type of designer to swoop in and veto things and then swoop out.

BBB: The bridal biz is a very lucrative industry and often preys on women’s emotions. How does Amsale stay true to herself and her clients?
Leu: Amsale has the most integrity of anyone I’ve ever known, and she would never compromise that. To her, it’s not about selling a dress to every bride that walks in the door, but more about listening to what she wants and finding the dress that will make her feel that way. Of course we have to sell dresses, but it’s more about finding the gown than making the sale. Sometimes you know the bride you’re working with just isn’t an Amsale bride.

BBB: What is your three favorite gown and why?
Leu: Trying to pick a favorite gown is like trying to pick a favorite child. It may sound cheesy, but the bride makes the dress. I’m really liking some of the lush tulle ball gowns Amsale has been creating. Tulle today is so different than the tulle of the 80s. It can be modern and light and extremely sophisticated looking.

BBB: What silhouette is universally flattering on every bride?
Leu: Women are shaped differently so there is no silhouette that will work for absolutely everyone. There are certain things that are flattering on the majority though. A sweetheart neckline is flattering on most people because it follows the natural curve of the bust. If you’re trying to minimize hips, pay attention to where the waistline hits you and make sure the dress is accentuating the thinnest part of your torso. It’s most important to try on different silhouettes and remain open. Amsale also advises every bride to try on at least one ball gown. It’s a shape that’s so specific to bridal, and you probably won’t have the chance to wear one again. It’s important for a bride to pick the part of her body she likes best, and then find a gown to show that off.

BBB: What is the biggest mistake brides-to-be make with gown shopping?
Everyone has to go through the gown shopping process in their own way. Some girls get distracted by trying on too many dresses and end up confused, so for them it’s easier to do research ahead of time, go to one salon, try on four or five dresses, and walk out with their favorite. Some girls need to try on every dress in New York before they make their decision. Neither is wrong. Some shop best in a group of friends, and others shop by themselves. The one thing that can make things hard for a bride is being too worried about “the rules.” The dress is the only part of the wedding that is just for you. It doesn’t affect your guests or your family. It’s a decision you can make based on how you feel, so do your best to keep that your first priority.

Have you been watching Amsale Girls? What do you think of the show?