See more of Robyn & Victor's engagement photos!

I know many of you are salty with me for yesterday’s MIA Tie the Knot Tuesday. (I’ll spare you any dog ate my homework excuses.) So, I come with gifts today: e-session images of Maryland nearlyweds Robyn and Victor EyeWonder Photography in Silver Spring, Maryland did a fab job shooting this gorgeous couple in the same Washington, D.C. location Victor popped the question. They are scheduled to wed in their homestate of Maryland next month and have already agreed to have their nuptials showcased here on Triple B. (No, there aren’t the typical Triple B captions for these images but the pics speak for themselves.)

[cincopa A4GAut6jL5Rq]

[All images courtesy of EyeWonder Photography.]

 I love that Robyn kept her hair natural for the pics. (Many of us feel obligated to straighten our tresses for formal occasions…) I’m looking forward to sharing the deets of their love story and big day with you all in the near future. Until then, which of the above is your fave pic and why?