Don't miss out on your chance to create your own wedding app like this!

Triple B wants you have a great weekend so we’re kicking it off with another GIVEAWAY. Our latest is from the good folks over at the Appy Couple. You remember, the previous Bridgette Pick of the Week that assists couples planning their wedding day as a cutting-edge online Web application. This tool keeps all wedding-related information (images, DIY ideas, etc.) in one place and is accessible via smartphones for up-to-the-minute changes. There are designs to fit a wide array of personalities  — even yours! Think of it as having your own virtual wedding planner who is always on call.

So, Appy is giving TEN folks from the Triple B audience their own FREE code to join. Interested? The first 10 people to leave a comment naming your favorite Tie the Knot Tuesday couple (you must include your email address) wins. Just tell me the first names of the couple — that’s it. And it can be any couple; from the early Triple B days or very recent. I look forward to reading your responses! Oh and feel free to forward this link to your friends and family. Hurry, the winners will be emailed next week with their exclusive codes.