Me in one of the many wedding dresses I tried on for Something Borrowed, Something New! Think I picked this gown?

Tonight is the night, folks. Triple B has made it to prime-time! Tune into TLC’s Something Borrowed, Something New to catch Triple B and me on a hilarious and quite possibly emotional show. (Check here for complete listing info.) At the end of the 30-minute episode, you would have met my mother, two of my best girlfriends and watched me try on a slew of wedding dresses. Plus you’ll get to witness how my mother’s very 1960s suit was transformed into a gown(!) and finally which look I ultimately chose for the big day — the decision was tough. I can’t imagine how else you would want to spend your Friday night. [insert chuckle here]

Check out a sneak peek of the show here (you’ll get to see me do The Wobble)! For the record, I did not wear a wedding dress to my prom — ahem, Tress…

Don’t forget to join in on the fun Twitter chat, too! Follow me on Twitter if you aren’t already and weigh in with your opinion of the show. Use #sbsn and #tripleb in your tweets. I’ll even be tweeting pics from my viewing party — complete with specialty cocktails.

See you all tonight!