BEFORE: My mother's 1960s wedding shift dress and jacket ensemble
AFTER: A strapless mermaid-esque modern wedding gown

The feedback from Triple B’s appearance on TLC’s Something Borrowed, Something New has been nothing short of phenomenal! I’ve receieved kudos from long lost friends, family across the country and even strangers on the street who saw the show and were amazed at the transformation of my mother’s 1960s wedding shift dress and jacket into a modern form-fitting wedding gown. So, I invited the uber-talented designer from the show Kelly Nishimoto (She also has a mean shoe game ladies!) to share with Triple B the 411 on transforming a vintage find for any bride.

Black Bridal Bliss: Do you think more brides should consider vintage gowns for their weddings?
Kelly: I appreciate vintage and if the bride has a vintage style…I say go for it! If done right, vintage can be stunning.

BBB: What tips do you have for getting rid of discoloration on heirloom gowns?
K: If it’s a natural luxury fabric such as silk, soak it in a clean tub with warm water and OxyClean. (You may have to do it a couple of times for maximum brightness.) If it’s cotton or a synthetic such as polyester, wash it in the machine twice. The first time in hot water with Oxy Clean…the second time in cold water with Clorox bleach. That should do the trick!

BBB: If a bride cannot wear an heirloom gown but still wants to honor loved ones on their big day, do you suggest a comb, veil, gloves, etc.?
K: Yes! I think all of those ideas are beautiful tributes to your family history. I’m more of an untraditional type of person so I say, think outside the box. Get creative with reusing family pieces.

BBB: What is your favorite decade to work with when refurbishing wedding gowns and why?
K: 1920’s- 1940’s…Women were really into fashion in those decades; they took it very seriously. Most everything was custom made by a local tailor so the craftsmanship and designs were impeccable. Most fabrics for well-off families were imported from Italy or France and sometimes Asia…They were top of the line and usually to die for.

BBB: Feel free to add anything with Triple B about vintage wedding gowns that you didn’t touch on above.
K: What I love about vintage gowns is the understated sex appeal and how high fashion some of them were for their time. I love the regal and sophisticated quality most have, but let’s be clear — for the most part that all ended in the 70’s!
Kelly and me outside the set of Something Borrowed, Something New in California!
Are you planning to incorporate a family heirloom into your wedding day? Share how in the comments below.