Triple B's Road to Mrs. blogger Nae opens up about her unconventional bridal party...And why she wouldn't have it any other way!

Choosing a bridal party is a significant step in planning your wedding. Some opt to forego an entourage and keep the focus of the big day on the two coming together as one. As has become par for our course, Mr. DrummerBoy and I went about choosing our wedding day companions in a completely different manner.

From the start of our relationship, I have often marveled at how my family and friends have taken to Mr. DrummerBoy. Completely opposite of me, he is a man of few words and it takes some time for him to get comfortable around new people. It probably doesn’t help that like me, he has a penchant for snark and oftentimes folks don’t know how to take his sarcasm. Surprisingly this was never the case for six women in my life: my sisters (one of whom introduced us), my childhood BFFs and my “little sisters” from college. In addition to being my best friends, they each have their own relationship with my fiancé and are very supportive of us as a couple — both of which are really important to me. So when the time came, it was a no brainer who I wanted by my side as we took our vows. In fact, it was my Matron of Honor whom Mr. DrummerBoy called for assistance when he made the decision to propose.

Since he comes from a big family, it is important to Mr. DrummerBoy that those standing with him on our big day represent that family – his brother, cousins from both sides and his sister. Yep, his sister will join our bridal party as his groomsmaid. Although for many it would have sufficed to just include his sister as a bridesmaid, we agreed that we wanted to celebrate their relationship as authentically as possible…So groomsmaid it is! She will wear a dress to match the guys’ suits and stand by his side but these logistical details are secondary to the joy we both feel at having a bridal party that is representative of what’s important to us.

What do you think of bridesmen and groomsmaids? Would you consider a best woman or man of honor? Which factors are most important when considering who to include in your bridal party?

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