The Ring Doesn't Mean a Thing...Or Does It? Cousin Mars shares his pov on engagement ring costs.

So, Beyonce said “If you liked it, then you should’ve put a ring on it.” S. Carter turned around and put an 18-carat ring on it. Well, my last name ain’t Carter and unfortunately I don’t currently have his money. However, Mr. Carter doesn’t have Mark Zuckerberg money and it has been reported that Mark spent under $2k for the engagement ring he purchased for Priscilla Chan. Clearly people have different ideas of what should be spent on an engagement ring. It can be extremely stressful for some guys to select the right ring. In my opinion (of course, it’s my post), I think the guy only has one person to please with selecting the ring. Regardless of my opinion, we all know that the whisperings of his and her friends can influence many guys. Enough already for an introduction paragraph…What should be spent on an engagement ring?

Is the three or (six!) month salary still the widespread rule? Has another suggestion become widely accepted yet? It may be clear already, but I don’t subscribe to any one rule for this topic. In fact, I strongly feel individuals should do what works best for them in their situations. By no means am I suggesting a spending limit for a ring. In fact, if you can and it is important to you – BALL OUT…Go Kobe or Jay Z with it. Just be sure to see the big picture. See the entire picture. Understand that the engagement is one step in what should be a long enjoyable journey. Similar to my view on wedding costs, I caution couples to discuss what lifestyle they’re interested in living. At the point of a proposal, one should know what his lady expects and whether that is consistent with what makes cents (intentional error). If there are big differences at the point of an engagement, imagine how conversations regarding strollers, homes, and schools will go.

In case you’re waiting, let me tell you that I’m not actually giving any answers in this post. Instead, I’m offering thinking points. This isn’t a cop-out, but rather proof that I understand that this is too wide of a topic to answer generally. I’m sure the comments will include differing views…These are welcomed. I truly hope more become responsible spenders. Doing so will play a major role in uplifting and advancing “our” community. As we grow together and teach our offspring better habits, we will begin to break the societal and financial shackles that affect too many in many of the communities in which we were raised.

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