Triple B's latest GIVEAWAY winner, Junou Bernadin!

The winner of Triple B’s Feast Your Eyes on This GIVEAWAY is Junou Bernadin of Florida! Bernadin was happy to receive an autographed copy of the cookbook penned by chef and bride-to-be, Tianna Feaster and says she plans to use it right away. In fact, Bernadin is an aspiring chef herself. Check out the delicious answer that caused her to win!

When asked about her go-to dish to prepare for her sweetie, Bernadin responded:

To set the mood for my man, I have a candlelight dinner. This sets it off every time! We start off with spring mix salad including cranberries, caramelized chopped walnuts, and goat cheese. This will be mixed with a very light raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Over the salad I will have a mini-vegetable shish kabob, this will have cherry tomatoes and cucumber chunks. Next on the menu is baked garlic season salmon, with fresh pear/peaches and mango chutney glaze. This can be used over the salmon or served on the side. I add a little pepper to give it some kick. For the side dish I will have either homemade spinach mashed potatoes, or zucchini and spinach gratin. Usually when I make these dishes for him I always have a signature drink.”

Is your mouth watering yet? After reading Bernadin’s response, I wanted to date her. [Insert laughter here.] I especially liked that her meal seems healthy. Stay tuned for an announcement about Triple B’s next GIVEAWAY later this month!