A group of ladies enjoying Sip & Stroke in Atlanta!

It’s traditional for the bridal party of a bride-to-be to invite close friends and family over, open a few gifts, and have a glass of wine or (ahem) three. This is fine but ladies, where’s the fun? It’s time to break tradition and replace it with an out-the-box and unique celebration! Maybe you’re not feeling a predictable shower filled with corny icebreaker games and lingerie. Are bars and exotic dancers not your speed? Triple B has you covered. With the following alternative bridal shower themes/venues, your bridal shower will be the talk of the town!

Unique Idea #1: All White-Affairs
We’ve all heard of Sean Combs All-White Affair in the Hamptons so brides (and bridesmaids), don’t be afraid to think grand! This is perfect for the bride-to-be who loves to party. An all-white affair is both chic and sexy and doesn’t limit the bridal shower to just women. This is a great way to collaborate with your groom and groomsmen so that you both can celebrate the day together. All white bridal showers are excellent pre-parties for spring/summer weddings with endless venue possibilities (Think rooftops, backyards, etc.) plus your pictures will be extra-gorgeous.

Keep the white theme going with the bridal shower cookies as well!

 Unique Idea #2: Sip & Stroke
Grab your wine glass and get creative! Sip & Stroke has become more common in the last year or so and is a cool way to spend time with your friends, family and bridal party. Imagine your closest friends sipping on vino while creating a masterpiece and a slew of great memories (see top pic). If you’re searching for a more relaxing social atmosphere to celebrate your final days as a single woman, check this out. Visit sipandstroke.net for locations and pricing or call your local art gallery to schedule an appointment.

Unique Idea #3: Bowling
Bowling anyone? Renting a few lanes at the bowling alley could be loads of fun. Like an all-white affair, it lends itself to an ideal Jack and Jill shower. Creating teams of bridesmaids vs. groomsmen or brides guests vs. grooms guests can make the competition even more intense. If you’re going for a more “grown and sexy” approach for the bowling bridal party checkout bowlluckystrike.com. They offer upscale event spaces, sophisticated menus, and full bar service.


 Which one of these unique ideas is your top pick for a bridal shower?