Hola! When BlackBridalBliss.com launched on April 26, 2010, U.S. President Barack Obama had been in office less than six months, Instagram didn’t exist, and I was single. Fast forward to today…What a difference four years can make! Triple B has grown tremendously since launching and I am uber-proud of the accomplishments made thus far.

Yet, there’s so much more to do. My brain is practically bursting with ideas of ways to better serve you. My home looks like an outtake of Being Mary Jane with Post-It notes all over the place. (My bad, babe.) Later in 2014 and beyond my goal is for Triple B to increase original video content, publish books, and offer even more exclusive giveaways.

I’m thankful that the original mission for launching BlackBridalBliss.com is still near and dear to my heart. I maintain a sincere desire to stylishly showcase Black women on their way to and in happy marriages. All Black women: Whether she looks like Thandie Newton or Lupita Nyong’o, wears a size 2 or 22, works a minimum wage job or is partner at a major law firm, says I do in a castle or at the courthouse, is heterosexual or homosexual. (The latter might ruffle some feathers but I’m prepared for it.) Everything surrounding her bliss, from wedding day hairstyles, fashionable shoes, affordable catering, and honeymoon hook-ups will continue to be explored — and then some. Trust that I have no shortage of ideas as my husband can attest to, but I need your assistance to execute them. Help me take Triple B to the next level by completing the poll below. And do share any additional feedback about what you would like to see more or less of on Triple B in the comments. It is a small request that will deliver huge results so thank you in advance.

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I would be remiss not to acknowledge the rest of the Triple B lean and mean team who keep me on my toes. Mondella Jones of MJLA Media has been rocking with Triple B since day one. From whipping up stellar press releases to providing essential technical support, she gets the job done. Advertising and marketing wiz George has a commitment to Triple B like none other. He sets high goals for BlackBridalBliss.com because he unquestionably believes in the mission. Cousin Mars introduced a refreshing male pov to Triple B in 2012 and has acquired quite a following. Expect Mars to represent even more for the grooms and hubbys going forward. And last but certainly not least is Janee Weather. Janee is a graduating senior at Hampton University and such an asset to Triple B. Earlier this year we debuted Bridal News You Can Use which has become Janee’s baby. She does an excellent job researching BNYCU while completing several other behind the scenes Triple B projects. Go Team Triple B!

The best is truly yet to come. Onward~