Presents: Tricia Smith Brown of TSB Planning and Design

Company name
TSB Planning and Design

New Jersey

How long have you been planning weddings?
I’ve been planning weddings for 3 years but have been an entertainment event producer for 10 years.

Where is the farthest you have traveled for a wedding?
In May I traveled to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for a dear client turned friend’s wedding. It was magical and by far the most fun that I have had at any wedding that I have ever planned.

What’s one thing you wished more couples did on their wedding day?
I wish more couples relished in the ceremony rather than the reception. While the celebration is a major piece of the wedding, many couples tend to overlook the significance of the day. I mean…It is the very reason that we’re here, right?! Overall it’s hands down the most important part of your wedding. Cherish it, put the emphasis there and all other details will fall in place.

Name a bridal trend you’re over.
I’m so over brides choosing non-white wedding gowns. I understand owning your style and being “different” but I live for a breathtaking, timeless white wedding gown. It’s angelic. It’s traditional. It’s striking. Bring back white wedding gowns!

Name a bridal trend you’re excited about.
I’m excited about clean, monochromatic wedding designs. Recently, I’ve seen a lot of weddings that shy away from bright color combinations and are sticking with neutrals – blacks, whites, grays and metallics. I adore this and I’m happy most of my wedding clients have steered in this direction. It’s also true to my personal style — even my home decor. I love a good black, white and gold celebration….tres chic!

A gorge tablescape designed by Tricia.

I never work a wedding without my trusty…
Whether it’s a kid’s party, baby shower or wedding, I never ever work without my trusty emergency kit. It’s a self-made kit that includes about 50 items including tape, first aid, bobby pins, hair spray, mints, etc. If your breath is a little sour…I got you! If you sweat your hair out and need a scrunchie…We got that. I keep it in my trunk so that it’s never forgotten. I’ve had to use it at every single event.

You often mention the importance of details in your Instagram posts. Explain how details are important to what you do.
Fully thought out details are what makes an event epic. When designing an event, I make sure to focus on every detail, whether small or large. I’m not the type of planner that just designs/decorates and then leaves. I am involved in everything from the food, to the entertainment, décor and even sometimes what my clients are wearing. I’m thankful for clients that trust me and believe in my vision – people hire me simply because of my detail-orientated reputation. I don’t even have a website!

A fun + fab milk and donuts set-up created by Tricia for her client, Jett.

What is the best part of your job?
I am doing what I truly love to do. As an entertainment event producer at my ‘day job’ I am still planning and coordinating hundreds of events each year. It’s exhausting and overwhelming some days. But having my own business at TSB Planning and Design to plan personal celebrations is a blessing. I am grateful for all of the opportunities that have been given to me and I take nothing for granted. I was born to do this.

Take a look at Tricia’s own gorgeous 2009 nuptials here and follow her on Instagram here! (Her toddler daughter Bailey will make your heart melt.)

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