It is easy and perhaps even expected for engaged couples to express their marriage is more important than their wedding. It seems like the “pc” thing to say. However a couple of days spent on Instagram and Pinterest often indicate otherwise. The abundance of intricately designed floral centerpieces, elaborate cakes, jaw-dropping gowns and so on can pull even the most focused couple into a tangled wedding planning web and force them to lose sight of what is most important: those vows. As a newlywed, I admit it took me having to swallow a huge reality pill to grasp how easy it can be to let the frills of a wedding distract one from the commitment of marriage.

There isn’t any insurance that your marriage is guaranteed to be happier, stronger or longer because your engagement ring, wedding and honeymoon pics received dozens of likes and favorable comments on social media — especially from people who don’t even know you and your beloved. There just isn’t, folks.

Of course I encourage you to follow Triple B on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and even Facebook — that isn’t changing — but I urge you to follow this and any other bridal resource on social media with a hefty dose of discernment. And remember, social media isn’t all a wash for planning brides and grooms, it can prove to be a huge help in executing frugal DIY bridal projects and serves as a ton of inspiration for a couple’s nuptials. That is what Triple B has aimed to do for 4+ years. But do not get caught up seeking validation from others — especially strangers — about something as scared as your pending marriage. Plan the wedding that you and your spouse can afford and that truly speaks to your relationship. Nothing else really matters.

Enjoy the bliss (and leave the validation for parking)!

Sidebar: Remember this fab courthouse wedding in Atlanta? It did receive a ton of positive attention on social media but the wow factor was more about the couple making something typically regarded as boring and blah into chic and memorable than trying to keep up with the Joneses. And even if you can afford the biggest, grandest wedding in your circle doesn’t mean that’s the type of affair you ought to have just for “The ‘Gram“. Revisit the wedding recap of Facebook founder and multi-billionnaire Mark Zuckerberg if you need proof.