Sugar Taylor of Taylor and Hov Planning + Design

Company Name
Taylor and Hov Event Planning + Design (Sugar’s entire team consists of herself and business partner, Nar, three event planners; Elena, Anna and Danielle, a creative assistant Bisola, and florist Erin.)

Washington, D.C.

How long have you been designing weddings?
Six years.

Where is the farthest distance you’ve ever traveled for a wedding you planned? 
We have done events in New York, Chicago, California, and the Dominican Republic.
Custom designed floral ceremony backdrop

Share a bridal trend you’re over and why.
If I see another mason jar, my spleen will explode. As a designer, I have to deal with trends that become over-saturated. I accept that, and I try to put a twist on the over-done. You cannot tell a bride “Eew, that’s so last year!” because it is new to her. But mason jars make me feel violent. (laughs)

Share a bridal trend you’re excited about and why.
I am all over this ombre trend! I am also always excited at the opportunity to come up with cool ceremony backdrops. They are always a stunner in photos.

Modern menu design

I never, ever work a wedding without my trusty…
I morph into a very well-dressed handyman at weddings while my business partner, Narine, or our lead planner for the day handles the details, so I have a whole CABOODLE of tools that I need. I get teased about it, its pink and rather bulky and Home Depot looking but whatever. Hot glue, nails, pins, chalk, tape measure; those essentials make my heart throb.

My celebrity dream couple to work with is…
I want to plan one of the first daughters weddings. I know I know, they will no longer be in the White House, but I am a little obsessed with the Obamas and I would love the chance to do some ridiculously over the top wedding design for Sasha or Malia. “You want me to hang from the ceiling in chiffon and play a harp, Mrs. Obama? Done!”

Record turned wedding program

What’s the strangest thing to happen at one of your weddings?
At one wedding the groomsmen took off their shirts and proceeded to wrestle on the dance floor. I was appalled, intrigued and visually assaulted all at the same time. It was quite exhilarating.

Mini chicken and waffles

The best part of my job is…
The best part of my job is the food. Between catering tastings, private events for planners, or even meeting with clients for a lunch—I plan to blissfully gain 150 lbs in the next year or two. Okay that was a joke. But D.C. has some great culinary gems, and my business partner Nar and I have a blast discovering new people and food in every nook and cranny.

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[Headshot by Eyewonder Photography.]