Do you love this or nah?
Do you love this for the “groom” in your life or nah?

Mars thinks  I’m going to start by making it clear, I WANT THIS SUIT. The tailoring is superb. Have you ever seen a plain white handkerchief actually help a suit? I haven’t…until now. I think you have about two or three tie color options, and the one pictured is included. The look shouts BOLD, CONFIDENT, TODAY IS MY DAY. I may have to plan a vow renewal just to have an excuse to rock this look.

Venus thinks  Pretty dapper don’t you think? I thought I’d never say this, but I love a purple suit! Only because it’s not my great-uncle’s purple Easter suit with matching shoes. This is a great look for a daring groom, one who’s slightly fashionable, and doesn’t mind adding a lot of color to his big day. I think this could serve as both a bachelor party and wedding day look. What do you guys think?

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(Image found on Instagram – @dapperscene)