We all enjoy attending a great bridal shower, don’t we? Check out this memorable one for then bride-to-be, Lillian from the DMV (Washington, D.C., Maryland, Northern Virginia) area. Then read our Q&A with Lillian herself about how the fun–and emotional–day came together.

Black Bridal Bliss: Where did your bridal shower take place?
Lillian: Brandywine, Maryland.

BBB: Who planned your shower for you?
L: All of my bridesmaids, this included my sister Sonja, and 6 of my best friends: Alicia, Cristi, Jernee, Jillian, Tarifa and Tasha.

BBB: Who came up with the bridal shower theme?
L: When Tim proposed with a Tiffany’s ring I think all of my girls ran with the idea of a Tiffany’s themed bridal shower. Everyone loves those little blue boxes.

BBB: Why did you decide to have the bridal shower filmed by Pope Weddings?
L: Pope is an amazing videographer and we’ve actually known each other for years. We attended the same schools from elementary all the way through high school and then we both attended Morgan State University. I was so happy to do business with him and he more than exceeded our expectations!

BBB: Tim called in during the shower via FaceTime which really touched you and rightfully so. Share with us what that experience was like.
L: My husband works overseas in Afghanistan which has been challenging from day one but we make it work. FaceTime plays an integral role in our relationship, we literally talk on FT every single moment that we can. We even used FT when we did our marriage counseling. He would call into the pastor’s iPad at 2AM his time, and 6PM our time in order to do the sessions, so hearing him and seeing his face during my bridal shower was just another reminder of how he’s always willing to go above and beyond to make me happy. He’s amazing.

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