Triple B’s resident bride-to-be is feeling a lot overwhelmed these days.

So, there’s this saying: “Fail to plan is planning to fail”.  All truth. I guess failing to plan a wedding is a major fail — especially if you want a wedding that is like IG worthy or like one of those on YouTube or Vimeo with the titles and John Legend track playing throughout. I digress. Back to planning. I love to plan. I am slightly OCD about planning. I have budgets and spreadsheets and Post-it notes galore. Oh and lists. I. love. lists. It’s something about that feeling of accomplishment I get when I cross of a task in red ink and I can move on to the next plan of action. Ah. Planning.

I assumed since I love planning so much that I would be ecstatic to plan my own wedding. Yeah, not so much. I was completely in over my head. I researched, I created the budgets, I have about 10 Pinterest boards with ideas, but I still felt lost in the big, wide, ocean of wedding planning. One day while Internet surfing I came across the most perfect meme.

This described me to a tee. I even posted the meme on my Facebook page. Anytime I was asked the question, I really couldn’t answer it.

Inquiring mind: “How’s wedding planning going?”

Me: “Um. I’m still planning to get married and have a wedding, so it’s going okay?” (hoping a change of topic was on the horizon)

I was starting to get over it and a courthouse wedding was becoming much more appealing. But, alas, the Facebook gods intervened. Christina, my Soror, who happens to own her an event planning company, saw my post and immediately Facebook messaged me to ask if I could use her services. Um, yes! Like, right now. We scheduled a date and time to talk via phone to discuss further. Prior to our meeting, Christina sent me a list of questions and also a spreadsheet of tasks to be completed with due dates — this was what I was talking about: Yasss! No failure of a wedding for this chick.

The day after Christina and I chatted, she got to work. She reached out to my contact at the venue, made arrangements for our food tasting during my upcoming trip to L.A., obtained a list of vendors from our venue, began contacting those vendors and sending me more Pinterest pins than I could keep up with.

My own David Tutera she was. I realized that I was totally in over my head and that I was not going to be able to plan this wedding without help. In the midst of all of this planning for our destination wedding, life was difficult, like it is at times. Work was hectic with travel and tons of deadlines to be met; Ava just began 5th grade and Vladimir and I were coming to the realization that we were not “smarter than a 5th grader” — 5th grade homework is something serious; and we were trying to figure out to still maintain our lifestyle and afford a wedding. Why didn’t I find my David Tutera sooner?

Thankfully, Christina came on board at the right time and has truly been a blessing ever since. A wedding planner of some sort is totally my recommendation. There are so many things I didn’t even think of, even with me being something like a planner and organizer extraordinaire. Even the most well thought out plan is subject to revision and I’m so thankful I accepted help when offered.

Do you think planning a wedding is feasible without a wedding planner?  Are you having/did you have a planner for your wedding?

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