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  • If Mama Ain’t Happy…with CANDACE MONTGOMERY

    The Black Bridal Bliss feature If Mama Ain’t Happy… is bi-zack! This month we’re chatting with New York City event marketing director and blogger, Candace Montgomery. If Mama Ain’t Happy… is our series of intimate conversations with married mothers who are juggling the roles of wife and mom. This is where real mothers and wives […]


  • You Oughta Know – Uncommon Goods (SPONSORED POST)

    As more couples wed later in life, it becomes increasingly challenging to know what to purchase engaged and newlywed folks for gifts. From engagement parties to bridal showers to housewarmings, the standby set of towels or pots just isn’t practical for most 30-something couples who have likely been living on their own for a considerable […]


  • Father’s Day Special – Confessions of Dad-to-Be, Anslem Rocque

    While many dismiss Father’s Day as another lame form of societal pressure to spend money, we like using this time to celebrate something we’re extremely passionate about here: Family. Rather than featuring a gift guide, Black Bridal Bliss convinced first-time father-to-be Anslem Rocque to open up about life since learning he would be a parent. […]