Can you believe this gown from The Limited is under 300 bucks?

Everyone is trying their hand at the bridal market it seems. J. Crew recently opened their first boutique dedicated to the budding bride but a few other unusual suspects are also getting in on the fun.

I guess retailers are realizing that the wedding industry is recession resilient — a tough economy will never stop people from getting married or having weddings (although they might be scaled down a bit). The Limited recently began offering a small selection of bridal gowns exclusively on their site. The one pictured above is my favorite and retails for an affordable $298. Urban Outfitters intends to introduce its wedding wear in 2011. Anthropologie’s collection which should include gowns retailing between $1,000 and $5,000 will also be available soon (official launch dates haven’t been released).

Exciting stuff, huh? Tell me, who do you think is next? The Gap? H&M? Do you think that some retailers should stay out of the bridal game? Leave me a comment with your thoughts.