The Finance Bar is Bringing Smart Money Management to You

The first Wednesday of the month here at Black Bridal Bliss is all about highlighting ways to get the most bang for your buck — especially helpful information when you’re planning a wedding or a newlywed. This month’s fun financial find is The Finance Bar!

The Finance Bar is the brainchild of Marsha Horton Barnes, who is no stranger to the Triple B family. TFB is a premiere mobile hub (aka an old school bus Marsha gutted out and refurbished) offering face-to-face and virtual one-on-one consultations, instructional sessions, e-learning and online courses personalized for couples, women and young adults seeking to make smarter financial decisions and savvy financial investments. There’s also an app for The Finance Bar and even a boutique to grab fun merchandise like mugs and tote bags.

The Finance Bar Interior

TFB, which Marsha has affectionately nicknamed Skoolie, is physically in Charlotte, North Carolina but most of the services are offered virtually as well. And because I know many of you are wondering, trust that Marsha knows her stuff. She is a certified financial educator with over a decade of finance and facilitation experience including undergraduate and graduate degrees in management and leadership. The issues addressed at TFB vary greatly — from tackling debt, seeking guidance on investing and retirement planning or receiving expert tips on how to lower overall household expenses.

Those of you who follow Triple B know I have a sincere passion for showcasing women, particularly Black women, who despite the odds have found ways to live their dreams and display extreme ingenuity in the process. The Finance Bar is the epitome of this! The ability to transform a dull and drab school bus into a chic and cool space with laptops, a mini-library, comfortable and blissfully bright lemon-hued seating? Bravo, I say. You can read deets on Skoolie’s stylish transformation here and listen to Marsha share more about The Finance Bar in a local television interview here.

Get on the bus!

One of the most popular products currently being offered at The Finance Bar is a $10/monthly membership. This membership includes printables and monthly desktop affirmations, weekly accountability messages, access to monthly virtual sessions and more. Additional membership details can be found here. Should you or someone you know reach out to Marsha at The Finance Bar, be sure to mention sent ya.

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