A Special Scent for Your Big Day

For many brides-to-be searching for the perfect fragrance to wear on their big day is a very important assignment. The scent should seemingly be inviting and long-lasting but not over-bearing. And I imagine something that will make your sweetie want to hold you even tighter is also a requirement. Enter: Kai Perfume Oil.

I first discovered Kai about 8 or 9 years ago while window shopping with a cousin visiting from out of town. I did my big cousin duty and took her to the big B’s of NYC retail: Bergdorf, Bendel’s and Barneys. Hey, my mother always told me it doesn’t cost anything to look. So while in Henri Bendel, we noticed Kai in the beauty department because the name is very similar to my cousin’s name. Little did I know that the chance encounter would lead me to find my new fave fragrance. Besides the fact that the packaging is clean and modern, Kai is an oil so it doesn’t have the alcohol base most popular scents do. It is feminine and sexy — something most people don’t associate with oil scents. Think a blend of gardenias and other white exotic florals. It’s also a roll-on so it isn’t messy. Plus, Kai is paraben, sulfate, phosphate and cruelty free. And since it retails for $48, it won’t break your bridal budget.