Cousin Mars gives his three cents an the age-old relationship debate.

Do men really have a problem dating successful women? Better yet, do men truly have an issue committing to successful women? F.Y.I. – There is a difference between dating and committing. I’ve dated multiple six figure earners. Two of these relationships were when six figures were still viewed as a huge deal. Several of my friends have also dated women that most would deem successful. Several of these relationships have graduated into marriage. Few have ended as a result the woman’s success – well, kinda.

The relationships that ended at least partially because of the woman’s success were foreseen – at least by me. Studies have shown that men viagra successful in physically aggressive professions (i.e. police/corrections officers, football players, military personal) have a higher percentage of spousal/significant other abuse than their counterparts in more relaxed professions (i.e. monthly blog post writers). It is popular belief that the reason for this is people in these fields (and some others) aren’t able to hit the off switch on the aggressive behavior outside of work. Please understand that MOST police/corrections officers, football players, military personal are cool dudes. In the movie Along Came a Spider, Morgan Freeman’s character has a line “You do what you are.” This line is in response to another character questioning her profession choice. If this line has any truth, my theory is supported. Many of the traits and characteristics that seem to be shared by a large percentage of successful women of color, are often suggested as the cause for many of these women being unmarried. I don’t think it is that simple. I believe many of these women, similar to the aforementioned men, are unable to hit the off switch outside of work.

I don’t think most men with good (not great) careers necessarily care if their better half earns more and/or holds a higher title. However, I do think many people wouldn’t want this thrown in their face – and definitely not often. Although I don’t know why this is, I think many would agree that some of the most successful women are sometimes the most insecure in the privacy of their home. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that these women often wear the war mask / game face for the majority of each day. At home it is probably a relief to feel like little lady in the arms of the one they love.

I cannot believe that success is the biggest factor in the high percentage of unmarried successful women. My honest thoughts suggest the personalities of these individuals create more of an issue than the professional accolades. My crew and I are proof that success alone isn’t a deterrent to beginning a relationship. Times have changed during recent decades and I think the issue men had with dating successful women has diminished drastically.

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