Weigh in on society's view of brown pregnant brides.

Recently I was enjoying an episode of Bravo’s Bethenny’s Getting Married? (the episode when she cried with her officiant — I started crying, too) and viewing the chef/author/reality star shopping for wedding gowns and ceremony venues with her pregnant belly got me to thinking…How would the public react if the premise of this show was the same but Bethenny was Black?

Now let’s get something out of the way: Bethenny Frankel is my favorite NYC Housewife and from the outside looking in, I’m very happy for her and her family. I even joke to my real friends that Bethenny has¬†become a friend in my head. That is the truth, Ruth. But I don’t think the masses (regardless of race or class for that matter) would have such a positive acceptance of the show if Bethenny were Black. Lots of folks are claiming that America is now a post-racial society — especially since a Black man in Commander-in-Chief. Um…nah. I beg to differ. I even posted the poll below here on Triple B:

Would you consider walking down the aisle with a visible baby bump?

A – Nah, I would just wait until after the baby was born.

B – Sure, what is the big deal?

85% of you chose A which I think is very telling. Of course this poll only tells a fraction of a huge story and I have found that most Black folks (contrary to popular opinion) are quite conservative. There are so many social and historical factors to consider: Black women in mainstream society are typically portrayed as Precious (mammy) or Nicki Minaji (overly sexual) — there are very few Michelle Obamas in the forefront. That is partly why I started this site. And just maybe Bethenny’s show is a case of a tree simply being a tree. Someone could literally write an entire dissertation on this topic; I’ve only begun to scratch the surface because I merely want to start the discussion and let you guys tell me your thoughts. So spill it Triple B fam: Do you think the show Bethenny’s Getting Married? would be celebrated as much if she were Black? Why/why not? Sound off please.

Bethenny and her baby bump preparing to say "I Do".

P.S. – Apologies for the missing posts this week. Even my mother called me about Tie the Knot Tuesday being MIA (she loves to look at the pics). I’ll make up for it.