Is it fair to say that Gabrielle and Dwayne are the NBA's best dressed couple?

Mars thinks – YOWSERS! Go, Gabby. She looks amazing in this navy — nicely fitted — jumper. The sexy lowcut neckline exposing cleavage is sure to keep the attention of most. D. Wade looks nice. Although often known for his fashion forward outfits, it looks as if he decided tonight his wife would be front and center solo. This is a lesson spouses often learn over time — sometimes US shining means ONE shines brightest. This look is an excellent choice for a date night.

Venus thinks – Can we say #RelationshipGoals? Dwyane and Gabrielle compliment one another’s style well. As you probably know by now, I love a jumpsuit especially this ASOS plunge jumpsuit worn by Mrs.Wade. This look did not require elaborate accessories, but I would’ve loved to add a choker and pointed toe pump. I love Dwyane’s choice of blazer and distressed jeans. This couple is ready for the red carpet, runway, or date night.

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