Yesterday I received an eye-opening email from a longtime Triple B reader who was upset about Monday’s Marriage Matters post on Evelyn and Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson. Read it below:
I love your blog so much so that it’s my homepage. But when I saw the post featuring the Chad O/Evelyn L martial drama, I had to change it.

I love your site for the positive images of black couples and the well-written content.

Hearing about those two is easily accessible on countless other sites. Seeing it on yours…delivered in the same way was a disappointment.

Hopefully, this isn’t the beginning of a trend.


Whoa, right? This note means many things to me (too many to discuss now) but three main takeaways were immediate: 1) I have to continue to trust my gut — because I honestly didn’t when I wrote the Ev/Chad post. 2) Even though you guys don’t comment nearly as much as I would like, you’re paying close attention. 3) I will be forever grateful for the platform that is

As the founder and editor of, I assure you all that Triple B will remain true to Triple B. There is no desire for the site to become the “norm” so rest assured that the type of well-written, balanced and uplifting content celebrating Black women and their road to bridal bliss that launched this site will remain. My sincere apologies for getting off-track. Every now and again we all need reminders of what is most important and why, and sometimes it takes frank words that initially “sting” to remind us of that. I have already responded to M.G. directly with a version of this but I wanted to publicly do the same. Now I’m just hoping she switches her homepage back!

Continue to spread the word about Triple B and know the best is yet to come!