Newlyweds Tewanna and Marshall have incorporated one of their wedding gifts into a sweet couple's ritual.

First and foremost, my apologies for the MIA Tie the Knot Tuesday feature yesterday. Trust me, I’m twenty times more bummed about it than you. Don’t fret, it will return next week.

Those of you planning your nuptials are inevitably going to register for gifts with your spouse-to-be, right? Keep reading! And those of you who aren’t but always get daunted by bridal registries and have a heap of weddings to attend this summer — this post is for you, too! I polled my Tie the Knot Tuesday alum for the inside scoop on what gifts they actually use most since saying “I Do”. All of the responses are honest and many will surprise you. (What I learned: It isn’t always the most expensive gift that gets the most love.)

My husband and I probably use our Lexmark 3-in-1 Wireless Printer from Target the most. We scan, print and make copies for work, school, home, etc. Since it’s wireless we can print from anywhere in the house –upstairs or downstairs– which we love. Santoine is such a computer nerd; he was the one that actually put this item on the registry! Itia, Atlanta, GA

Fine china was a must for us. I don’t care if I never use it (but I will) because it will be an heirloom for my granddaughter. But what we love and use most are our All-Clad pots, French Press, and Global Knives set. Breanne, New York City (Fellas, be sure to peep Breanne’s husband’s advice!)

Marshall and I received a $19.99 blanket from Wal-Mart that we snuggle with and enjoy movie night nestled under. Although this item was something we didn’t think we would use much (it actually wasn’t on our registry) it has become another bonding mechanism for us. Tewanna, Charlotte, NC

We use our Magic Bullet so much that we had to replace the base. We love making smoothies now. This led us to include more fruit in our diets. Salimah, New York City

I absolutely love our large crock pot from Target! Bryan and I didn’t receive many gifts from our registry and this pot was the last one we opened at the shower. I also received this note, “Good eating is the key to a lasting marriage.” Kelly, Philadelphia, PA

The most useful item we received from our wedding registry was a simple set of J.A. Henckels Steak Knives. Brandon loves grilling and he loves a great steak. So whether it’s one of those special moments when he cooks for me or I’m cooking for him, those knives are included. Andrea, Maryland

Were you surprised by any of these items? If you’re already hitched, what item did you and your honey use the most from your wedding registry?

*P.S. – Don’t forget you can opt for this unconventional registry alternative!