bachelorette parties

  • My Road to Mrs. – Bridal Shower Bliss!

    One of the highlights in my wedding planning process which is quickly coming to a close was my bridal shower and bachelorette weekend. After posting about them on numerous occasions as a resource for other brides, I was a little nervous about what type of fete I would have myself. Contrary to what many predicted, […]


  • Bridgette’s Pick of the Week – Bachelorette Ready Spirits

    Are you planning a bachelorette shindig and looking for fun and flirty cocktails to add to the festivities? Then this post is for you. Alcohol is not a prerequisite for a night out with the girls (and possibly the guys too) but for those who do drink, consider these three new spirits on the Triple […]


  • Wedding Etiquette 101

    Triple B often preaches the value of adding individuality to one’s big day. Following a long list of outdated rules typically tends to lead to a (yawn) cookie-cutter wedding. But some rules or standards are simply no-brainers, like covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze. However yesterday my colleague told me a story that […]