black marriage

  • Book GIVEAWAY!

    Happy Friday! Remember this recent post about how romance and finance can truly live happily ever after? Well the featured expert, Dr. Taffy Wagner, has offered to give away an autographed copy of her book Bride and Groom Money Talk FAQ ($9.95, Money Talk Matters, LLC) to a reader of my choice. You recall how […]


  • Marriage Matters Monday

    Our friends over at Black and Married with Kids are preparing to wrap up a pretty exciting exercise called The Be a Better Spouse Challenge. If you’re married or are about to be and it isn’t already on your radar, please take note. Just reading through the challenges that have already taken place like writing an […]


  • Tie the Knot Tuesday Turns 1!

    How fitting that the one-year anniversary of Triple B falls on a Tuesday! Below is a collection of all the real weddings featured on the site over the past 12 months. The nuptials covered here have taken place in grand cathedrals, on tropical islands, in Harlem brownstones; included blended families, second marriages, folks over 50 […]