financial advice for couples

  • Marriage Matters Monday: Money Talks

    Deciding to marry someone can be a beautiful, blissful experience filled with happy, fun-filled moments. But it also comes with important conversations about finances. It can be daunting for even the most organized “together” couple. Talks arise of who will manage the household bills, wills, life/health insurance, income taxes (Should we file jointly or separately?), […]


  • Book GIVEAWAY!

    Happy Friday! Remember this recent post about how romance and finance can truly live happily ever after? Well the featured expert, Dr. Taffy Wagner, has offered to give away an autographed copy of her book Bride and Groom Money Talk FAQ ($9.95, Money Talk Matters, LLC) to a reader of my choice. You recall how […]


  • Marriage Matters: Love & Money

    Some say there’s no romance without finance. Since many claim money matters are a significant part of why marriages succeed (or don’t), I checked in with Dr. Taffy Wagner, author of Bride and Groom Money Talk FAQ: Financial Advice for Brides and Grooms. Read on for her expertise on debt-inducing weddings, bad credit and the importance of […]