wedding guest list drama

  • Bridgette’s Pick of the Week: The Truth About Wedding Plus Ones

    Although I rarely delve into my personal bidness here on Triple B, I felt the need to address something that often becomes an issue when wedding planning. That issue is the dreaded plus-one quandary. As if fine tuning guest lists isn’t complicated enough, there’s an added amount of pressure surrounding which guests should or shouldn’t […]


  • The Road to Mrs. – My Guest List Nightmare!

    All bridal party dresses delivered, check. Pre-marital counseling with the pastor, check. Wedding bands selected, check. Invitations in the mail…here lies the problem. Composing the guest list has been the most difficult task of the wedding planning thus far.


  • Wedding Family Matters

    The other day a good but frustrated friend told me about her cousin’s upcoming wedding. She was frustrated because her cousin (who I gathered is in her mid to late 30s) didn’t invite my friend or her immediate family to her wedding. My friend explained that most of her frustration came from seeing her mother […]