Road to Mrs. blogger Jene has exactly TWO MONTHS until her wedding day!

One of the most nerve-racking things about blending two families is hoping everyone gets along.  As I have stated before both my mother and Shawn’s mother live out of town.  So the opportunity to get everyone together at the same time had never presented itself.  My mother came to New York in June.  While she was here we took that time to introduce her to his grandmother and aunt.  Success!!!  I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.  They all bonded instantly. It was a prayerful, crying (tears of joy) good time.  Everyone got along so well we had to pull them apart or they would have had church way into the night.  Out of all the possible wedding day stressors, the God family drama won’t be one of them.

Sixty-six days, sixty-six days.  I am getting married in sixty-six days.  It is coming down to the wire.  I would be lying id I said I was not completely overwhelmed right now.  There is still so much to do and so little time.  Dress fittings, hair trials to mention a few.  All in the next eight weeks. Sheesh! Exhausting!!

Also being on bed rest leaves me at a disadvantage.  I cannot run errands like I would if I were able.  It is quite frustrating, but to ensure I recover properly it’s necessary.  So everything in one day at a time, while keeping in mind there are only sixty-six of those of those days left.

One positive to y health issues from the past month is I have lost forty- five pounds.  I started blogging to chronicle my weight loss on preparation of my wedding. This was definitely not how I planned to do it.  The tricky part will be to keep it off while on best rest.  No exercises at all are the doctor’s orders, which throws a monkey wrench in my plans.  I am going to make lemonade out of my circumstances however, because I cannot regain the weight.

Wish me luck Triple B!