Goodbye wine. Goodbye tacos. Goodbye choco – wait, cheat days exist, no? Apparently, not, especially when #buffbride is the mission and the mission must be complete in roughly 90 days…but who’s counting? Even more of a looming deadline is my dress fitting scheduled in about 4 days…again, no one really counting here…

For years, I have been super committed to living a healthy lifestyle — personal trainer workouts 3xs per week, reduced alcohol intake (excluding holidays, vacations and celebrations, of course), and the elimination of foods that I discovered no longer do this body any good. Many moons ago, I even trained for a fitness competition and was disciplined enough to workout 6-7 days per week, 3x per day, meal prep, eat six meals per day, journal every.single., and remain alcohol, sugar, and junk-food free for over 8 months. I keep reminding myself that once upon a time, I was that girl!

Well, my trainer warned me that once I fell in love, the pounds might soon follow. Fortunately, I have a fiancé who is active and supports my active, healthy lifestyle, so although I have gained a few several love pounds during our almost three years together, once I found my bridal gown, alas, the resurgence of that woman who once “sweat for breakfast”! Not to mention, since body sculpting, liposuction or any type of fat transfer surgery isn’t a line item in our wedding budget, I figured I might as well stick with what I know. (I kid, I kid).

I’m not gonna lie — I found my dress about 9 months ago and to say that I have been 100% accountable with my fitness goals since that time would be untrue — not too far from the truth, but once could definitely label this statement as an “alternative fact”. Now, that my first dress fitting is rapidly approaching, this girl is ready to be #boutthatlife again.

Last weekend was supposed to lead up to this week which was supposed to be my “get yo’ self all the way together girl” week in anticipation for my fitting scheduled for this weekend. I planned to prep all of my meals for the week and even throw in a few two-a-day workouts. Well, thanks to a nasty viral infection that almost took my entire life, my grandiose plans were slightly sidetracked.

With a little bit of my strength and appetite back, I started out simple with meal prepping. I hope to resume workouts within the next few days, but a vision without a plan is just a dream, right?

Here’s to a dress fitting that goes off without a hitch or the need for an extra stitch… or two.

What are your thoughts regarding getting in shape for your wedding? How soon in advance of your wedding should you begin our fitness journey?

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