The Fitzgeralds renew their vows in a unique midwest affair!

Bride: Katterina Denice Kimbrough, 34
Groom: Marcus Lenell Fitzgerald, 33
Occupations: Kimbrough: sales representative; Fitzgerald: quality engineer
Wedding (Vow Renewal) Date: June 11, 2011
Wedding Location: (ceremony and reception) Seven Bridges Golf Club; Woodridge, IL

Club Connection: Don’t believe it is possible to find love in a club? Newlyweds Katterina and Marcus did just that. “We met at a nightclub where I was attending a birthday celebration for a friend,” recalls Katterina. She continues, “I thought Marcus was good looking and after the short conversation we had, I knew I wanted to get to know him better.” Marcus adds, “She was wearing a pink poncho and had the prettiest eyes. I thought she was gorgeous!” Shortly after meeting the pair began talking on the phone non-stop and after a few weeks got together. “We’ve been inseparable ever since,” says Katterina.

Instant Connection: “Katterina is independent and mature. I wasn’t looking for a commitment but her maturity and openness to who I was made me change my direction,” admits Marcus. He adds, “I knew I was in love with her when I would drive to her apartment at night although I had to travel nearly 30 miles to get to work the next morning. That was about four to five months in.” Katterina says, “I fell in love with Marcus pretty quickly. He had all the qualities I was looking for and our conversations were so easy and light.” After about five months of dating. Katterina became pregnant with the couple’s daughter Makayla. 

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For Better or Worse: “While pregnant with Makayla, Katterina (who also has a daughter from a previous relationship) showed me that she was not only a committed girlfriend but also a committed mom,” Marcus says. “She was super happy even though we were not talking marriage at that time. I was also out of work for over a year and she stood by me despite the fact that we had to make considerable cuts to our budget,” remembers Marcus who was divorced. He adds, “I was initially afraid of getting remarried because I went through a divorce at a young age. Katterina was patient with me but at the same time reminded me that I had to make a decision. I told myself she was the one.” Katterina explains, “No matter how angry we made each other, I couldn’t picture my future without him.”

Let’s Do It Again: Marcus proposed to Katterina in an unconventional way. “We were lying in bed on our way to sleep,” he recollects. Soon after, he and Katterina became husband and wife at the Wheaton Courthouse in Illinois. Almost a year to the date later, the duo renewed their vows in a picture perfect outdoor ceremony and lively indoor reception. The entire affair was even documented on TLC’s hit show, Four Weddings. Says Marcus of the ceremony, “The weather was perfect…It was so natural — so us.”

Katterina’s tips for saving money on your wedding day!  

Wholesale Wonders: “I wanted statement wedding jewelry without statement prices. I visited Chicago’s wholesale jewelry district to purchase the jewelry for myself and my bridesmaids for a fraction of the retail costs,” Katterina brags.

Careful Catering Choices: “We had top shelf bar but decided to close it during dinner to save money. We opted to only have salad with our dinner and cut the soup; it was a June wedding and we knew no one would miss it. Cutting unnecessary items allowed us to get married at our dream location,” shares Katterina.
Don’t be a People Pleaser: “Although family and friends are important, remember it isn’t their wedding. It is impossible to please everyone. Make sure your decisions are based around what makes you happy [as a couple],” advises Katterina.

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