Meet The Littles & Share Their Bliss

Bride: Kenna Ellis, 32
Groom: Marcus Little, 32
Occupations: Ellis: finance manager; Little: engineering supervisor
Wedding Date: August 4, 2012
Wedding Location: ceremony and reception: Del’Avant Event Cener; Lagrange, Georgia

Campus Pals Newlyweds Kenna and Marcus met as freshman at the University of Tennessee. It was Marcus’s infectious laugh that caught Kenna’s attention. “He was having a watergun fight with his buddies. I heard him laugh and it made me feel better,” reflects Kenna. Soon after, the co-eds became friends. “I had a boyfriend when we first met,” she adds. Marcus was attracted to Kenna from day one. “My first impression of Kenna was that she had a  nice smile and lots of energy. She also reminded me of Janet Jackson in Poetic Justice because she wore those long braids,” remembers Marcus. Once Kenna’s relationship with her boyfriend ended their platonic friendship turned romantic. “Dating Kenna was a breath of fresh air. She was different than most girls in college. She carried herself as a young lady of integrity,” reveals Marcus. Kenna found Marcus to be refreshing too. “He was an engineering major and was often in the library. I liked that he was so focused.”

Distance & Destiny After graduation, the couple decided to go their separate ways as they embarked on new careers in different cities. Kenna landed in California and as fate would have it, Marcus had a sister also residing in the state. “After five years, I still thought about him,” admits Kenna. Long after graduation, when their paths crossed again the connection was still alive. They began dating again but this time as full-fledged adults. Marcus even relocated from the east cost to California to be closer to Kenna. As in love as they were, Kenna and Marcus still faced challenges including Marcus being unemployed for months and the pair being in a serious car accident together. Regardless of their struggles collectively or individually, Kenna and Marcus were determined to make their love last. “I think it helped that we’re older. We have a better sense of what it takes to make a relationship work,” Kenna shares.

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A Quiet Dinner…NOT! Marcus made sure he created an experience Kenna would never forget the night he asked for her hand in marriage. “I talked Kenna into going to Atlanta were she is from for the 4th of July holiday. During the trip, I convinced her to join one of my grad school friends and his wife for dinner at the hotel where they were staying,” says Marcus. When he and Kenna arrived for their double date, Kenna was escorted to a private dining room with candles, flowers, dim lighting and the table set for two. There was a note waiting for Kenna and a video to watch. “The video included footage of us through our four years of dating — concerts we attended together, races Kenna has participated in and just everyday stuff,” explains Marcus. After the video, Marcus proposed to a teary-eyed Kenna. But Marcus still wasn’t done! He whisked Kenna away to the roof for a private view of the city — or so she thought. We they arrived to the roof, all of their family and friends were there to help the couple celebrate their brand new engagement. “It was a great time,” remembers Marcus.

You Can Find Me in the “A” Clearly these two know how to have a party. The California duo returned to Kenna’s hometown of Atlanta to tie the knot. One hundred and twenty-five guests gathered to watch the couple say, “I Do”. Following the heartwarming ceremony, the couple had a reception that truly captured their distinct personalities. For example, instead of a traditional wedding cake, the Littles served an array of pies to their guests. “We don’t really like cake,” Kenna shares. We had pecan pie, apple pie and key lime pie. My grandmother baked all the pecan pies — it is Marcus’s favorite.” And popular wedding DJ Battle of One Sound and Entertainment kept guests on their feet all night long. “We entered the room to California Love by Tupac! It raised everyone’s energy level,” says Marcus. 

Kenna’s Money-Saving Tips for Future Brides

Don’t be a Paper Chaser “There were no programs for our wedding. I didn’t want to spend $2,000 [or more] on paper. People just throw them away. We had a wedding website to inform guests of our bridal party and such,” reveals Kenna.

Compromise Kenna and Marcus began practicing the important art of compromise early in their marriage.“Originally we wanted a rooftop feel with the Atlanta skyline. However, they were averaging $18K so we went with another [less expensive] venue,” shares Kenna.

Flower Power “We went to a wholesale resource to purchase the flowers. My mother designed the floral arrangements. My aunts and some of her friends then took that vision and created all the décor,” says Kenna with pride.

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