Triple B often preaches the value of adding individuality to one’s big day. Following a long list of outdated rules typically tends to lead to a (yawn) cookie-cutter wedding. But some rules or standards are simply no-brainers, like covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze. However yesterday my colleague told me a story that stopped me in my Nine West pumps…Y’all won’t believe this!

So said colleague (let’s call her Nicole) was invited to a string of bachelorette activities for an old buddy of hers from high school. These activities included dinner and drinks, a pole dancing class and a spa day. No biggie, right? I mean, these types of outings have become pretty standard for the modern bride. But — wait for it — Nicole was not invited to the wedding. Yikes! And when she mentioned this to the bride, the (lame) response she was given was, “Oh, something must have happened to one of my spreadsheets.” Ugh? Okay, mistakes do happen. Lord knows I’ve made them. But then she proceeded to text Nicole the wedding information a mere three days before her big day when the rest of her guests received paper invites in the mail two months prior. I’m no Emily Post but this story made me clutch my pearls.

Nicole feels nothing happened to any spreadsheets but that she was just omitted from being invited to the wedding for cost reasons. Which is fine. But funny how there was no mix-up with her invite to the events that caused her to spend money. The dinner, pole dancing class and spa day were all about $50 each per person. I agree with Nicole about there not really being a mix-up. It all just seems wrong. And tacky. And a little mean quite honestly. Why oh why would anyone invite someone to their bachelorette shindig(s) but not their actual wedding? (Of course there are exceptions but with those aside…)

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