These newlyweds are laughing all the way to the bank!

Once in a blue, an event takes place in popular culture that just has to get discussed here on Triple B, even if the bride isn’t identified as Black. The latest such event would be the nuptials of tech tycoon Mark Zuckerberg and his college sweetheart of nine years, Priscilla Chan. I’m sure you’re aware that Zuckerberg — a founder of Facebook which officially went public last week — is the youngest billionaire in the world. The Harvard University dropout wed Chan, who just graduated from the University of California at San Francisco’s medical school and has plans to become a pediatrician, in a modest ceremony in the couple’s backyard. Of course the word modest is relative but in comparison to some folks who don’t have nearly as much money as Zuckerberg (ahem Real Housewives of Atlanta), these two kept it low-key and simple.

In three words…I LOVE IT! There were less than 100 guests in attendance (close friends and family who actually thought they were attending a graduation celebration for Chan) and the bride purchased her gown off the rack from Claire Pettibone for less than $5K. Zuckerberg designed Chan’s wedding ring, a simple ruby sparkler, himself. Guests dined family-style on cuisine from the couple’s favorite restaurants, Palo Alto Sol and Fuki Sushi in California. The couple did “splurge” on entertainment as Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong performed during the couple’s reception. But then again since Zuckerberg and Armstrong are apparently close buddies, the performance just might have been a gift to the couple.

This all demonstrates yet again that creativity — not necessarily money — are what make a memorable wedding. Remember Tie the Knot Tuesday couple Lynda and Alonzo‘s humble wedding in their Harlem home that to date has the most comments of any real wedding on Triple B? Small and intimate understandably aren’t the order of the day for every couple, but regardless of size and budget, the personalities of the two people saying “I Do” should shine through. I know lots of folks don’t like this Zuckerberg kid but I gotta admit that he and his new wife might have just given us all a needed reminder that overspending (whatever that means for your household) is not the goal of a memorable wedding day but treasured friends, close family, tasty food, good music and a comfortable venue are. Duly noted Mr. & Mrs. Zuckerberg…Duly noted.