Tie The Knot Tuesday: Shannon & Stuart

Couple: Shannon and Stuart
Venue: Glen Island Harbour Club, New Rochelle, NY
Photographer + Videographer: George Street

Laughter is Good for the Heart “Stuart and I met in late summer at Tabu nightclub [in NYC]. It was comedy night,” Shannon fondly recalls. She continues, “I was there with my girlfriend and she spotted her cousin — Stuart — across the room. He rescued me from a guy who was talking a hole in my head.” Stuart shares, “My first impression of Shannon was, “She’s kind of cute.” Stuart’s muscular build and warm smile prompted Shannon to ponder, “How have I known Julayne for 16 years and never met this cousin before?!” Shannon confides that Stuart’s good looks and charming personality led her to believe he was surely a player. However, she says, “He proved me wrong when he asked me to see him exclusively in September.”

Show + Tell “While dating, Stuart made a lot of time for me and showed me things in the city that I had never seen or experienced,” Shannon reminisces. She adds, “It was a beautiful courtship because he allowed me to be soft and pink. He took charge but had the utmost consideration for me and my feelings.” Stuart was equally impressed with Shannon. “While dating, Shannon really held me down — even from early on. I had just bought my place and she went there to stay while the contractors were working,” he shares. A trip to Disney World just before their first anniversary sealed the deal for Shannon. “I woke up, looked at him, and something just felt different. He looked back at me and asked, “You love me don’t you?” “He’s been reading my mind ever since.”

Long Distance Love “Shannon relocated to Pennsylvania in 2008, just two years after we started dating,” Stuart shares. “We grew stronger and I knew I didn’t want her to ever be that far away from me again,” he admits. Shannon echos this sentiment. “The way we overcame a year of being in a long distance relationship when my job relocated me to PA showed that Stuart was in it with me for the long haul. I knew this was it.”

Our Special Day “I came home early because Stuart said he was sick. I wanted to check on him,” remembers Shannon about the day Stuart asked for her hand in marriage. “I noticed red roses and what looked like presents. I thought, “Does he really think my birthday is today and not tomorrow?” No sooner than that thought entered my mind, he got down on one knee. He told me all the reasons he loves me and why we should spend the rest of our lives together.” Shannon joyfully accepted the heartfelt proposal. “I knew playing sick was the only way I could surprise her. Any other way, she would have been suspicious,” admits Stuart. Once engaged, the couple set out to plan an affair their guests would not soon forget. A cigar roller and specialty cocktails at the reception helped to ensure this. When asked what he’s most looking forward to now that they’re husband and wife Stuart responds, “Starting a family and continuing to build our lives together.”

Precious Memories People often chide weddings for being a waste of time and money but one should never underestimate the memories they can create (when executed within the couple’s means of course). Shannon reveals, “One of my most memorable parts of our reception was Stuart’s dance with his mom. We lost her five months after the wedding so now looking back, that is a very special moment. Stuart was her youngest and the last to marry. We believe she held on long enough to share that day with us. ”

Money-Saving Tip for Future Brides

Friday Night Lights Take a page from Shannon and Stuart’s wedding planning book. The savvy couple wed on a Friday evening. Most traditional venues like a reception/catering hall or country club offer significant savings for events that take place on days of the week other than Saturday.

Photographer + Videographer: George StreetFlorist: Arcadia FloralWedding Gown: Pnina Tornai | Bride’s Jewelry: Kleinfeld | Bride’s Shoes: Badgley Mischka | Groom’s Tuxedo: Vera Wang | DJ: Speed Demons Entertainment  | Makeup: Angela Kelly of A Kelly Kreations | Hair: Vashti Williams | Cigar Roller: La Casa Grande

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