budget bridal shower ideas

  • Three NEW Bridal Shower Ideas!

    It’s traditional for the bridal party of a bride-to-be to invite close friends and family over, open a few gifts, and have a glass of wine or (ahem) three. This is fine but ladies, where’s the fun? It’s time to break tradition and replace it with an out-the-box and unique celebration! Maybe you’re not feeling […]


  • Bridgette’s Pick of the Week: Cool Bridal Shower Idea!

    Everyone knows being a bride involves a ton of research, planning and completing administrative tasks but bridesmaids typically have their fair share of ish to do before the big day, too. Organizing and executing bridal showers, teas, hen parties, bachelorette parties, bachelorette trips, not to mention trying to ensure the bride-to-be has the best wedding […]