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Tie the Knot Tuesday – Natural Hair Brides Special Edition

Natural Beauty: TTKT alum Patrice used a gorgeous headpiece to showcase her auburn locs.

Considering wearing your strands naturally wavy, kinky, curly or in locs for your strut down the aisle? Let these fierce Tie the Knot Tuesday alums inspire you! And I’ve even included expert tips from a trusted hairstylist who specializes in natural tresses. You’re welcome. [Read more…]

Look! Triple B is on TV (kinda,sorta)!

Check out Triple B founder/editor, Bridgette Bartlett, dishing on all things bridesmaids via HuffingtonPost Live! WOO HOO! Pretty exciting, no? Don’t miss Summer of My Simply Perfect Weddings & Events weighing in, too. After viewing, leave a comment below with your thoughts on the topic.

Let the Good Times Roll – Another Must-See Video!

Triple B’s sharing another awesome wedding trailer; this time from Nashville, Tenn. Isn’t the fun, camaraderie and love in this video just palpable? I bet Leah and Kevin’s reception was a great time indeed!


Cousin Mars: What Goes Through His Mind Before Proposing?

Triple B's only male blogger shares the deets on what men think about proposing.

Okay, I have to admit this is a tough one. I may lose my Dude Card for this post, but HEY…this is for Triple B. Popping the big question takes a BIG pair (you know what I mean). Please understand that most men take the fiancee-to-be, her friends and family, his friends and family, and finances (depending on the dude, of course) into consideration prior to Popping the BIG QUESTION. [Read more…]

EXCLUSIVE: Keija Minor, Editor in Chief of Brides Magazine, Talks to Black Bridal Bliss

Game-changer: Keija Minor is the new EIC of Brides magazine!

Every once and awhile I make good on my promises. Last month when Triple B reported Keija Minor historically accepted the coveted position as editor-in-chief of Brides magazine, there was mention of a follow-up with the head honcho herself. Well, here it is — another Triple B exclusive! Read why Keija once took an 85% pay cut (!) to pursue her passion, how she feels about more diversity in the bridal industry plus learn who her dream dress designers are for her own wedding day.

[Read more…]

Tie the Knot Tuesday – Jiline & Evans

Meet the Cadets: Share Their Bliss

Bride:   Jiline Jocirin, 26
Groom:  Evans Cadet, 26
Occupations: Jocirin, marketing assistant; Cadet, lawn technician
Homebase: Atlanta, GA
Wedding Date: May 19, 2012
Wedding Location: ceremony and reception: Miami Beach Botanical Garden; Miami, Florida

[Read more…]

What to Wear to a Fall Wedding: Nothing Over $200!

Another wedding season is upon us — fall and winter weddings! It begs the question, “What to wear?” This season think plenty of jewel tones, ruffles, pleats and sky-high pumps. Triple B style intern Mabel Martinez selected fashionable choices ideal for any fall wedding. (There’s even hair and makeup tips, too.) Oh and for the brides-to-be reading, these frocks double as perfect choices for your engagement party or bridal shower. The best part? All these picks are less than $200! [Read more…]

The Road to Mrs. – Will You be My Bridesmaid?

Bridesmaid Cool circa 1960s

So you’re planning your wedding… Yipee! You’ve even decided which loved ones (female or male) you wish to have by your side when you say “I Do”. But what’s next? Usually Triple B brings you the 411 on all things weddings however today the script is being flipped and you’re answering the tough questions. What is the most appropriate way to ask someone to be your bridesmaid or is there one?

[Read more…]

Bridgette’s Pick of the Week – Veronica Marche Miller Illustrations

A custom creation from Veronica displayed at the wedding of Tie the Knot Tuesday alum, Stephanie!

There are many things to adore about Stephanie and Delano’s chic southern nuptials but one of them is unquestionably the custom artwork they displayed throughout their big day. I was excited to learn that the creator of these wonderful illustrations is a talented young Black woman named Veronica Marche Miller. Here’s a snapshot of why I’m digging Veronica’s work and why I think you will as well: [Read more…]

Fashion Friday – JoS A. Bank Formal Wear News

There's something about a man in a tux...

Normally the fashion news here on Triple B is strictly for the brides but today I have news to share for the grooms and other men taking part in their big day. [Read more…]

Reader Mail – Atlanta Wedding Planners

A sample of the work created by Atlanta's Elly B Events.

I recently received an email from Atlanta bride-to-be Samantha searching for Black wedding planners in her town. First and foremost I am grateful Samantha turned to Triple B for such expertise but equally impressed that she and her fiance are going out of their way to support as many Black-owned businesses as possible in planning their nuptials. The trustworthy and talented DJ Battle, one of Atlanta’s premiere wedding gurus suggested several planners and I edited the list down to the four below. [Read more…]

Bridgette’s Pick of the Week – Fab Decor Find!

How cute are these?!

Yesterday I attended another great press preview for David’s Bridal. You’ll read all about the gowns and trends (plus view pics) for spring soon enough but I couldn’t wait to share these nifty ceramic letters from DB with you all in the meantime. [Read more…]

Tuesday Throwback – The Wedding Wobble

Yesterday I bumped into a dear colleague who informed me that she had been searching the site for the below video and was disappointed that she couldn’t find it. The Triple B TV videos that live on the right rail of this site get switched out every week or so. I originally posted this video last year and replaced it long ago so it sadly became Triple B history. But since so many of you seemingly enjoyed it and might be searching for it here as my colleague was, I’ve brought it back. It is such a feel-good lil’ diddy and apparently the recent Steel Magnolias remake has it on many radars again. I wonder if I can pull off something like this at my own wedding without my fiance thinking I’m (more) nuts. Hmmm…

Marriage Matters Monday – Jada and Chris Paul EXCLUSIVE

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Paul

I’ve been working on this Jada and Chris Paul First Wedding Anniversary story for weeks. The duo officially celebrated one year of wedded bliss on September 10th and because I covered their star-studded nuptials here, for ESSENCE and, I was determined to get their feedback…some feedback…okay any feedback on their first 365 days of marriage. It wasn’t easy; these two have a lot going on personally and professionally. (Have you peeped Chris on the cover of the latest issue of GQ mag?!)

Check out the images of Jada, her hubby Chris and their adorable children in the photo gallery. Plus, read Jada’s exclusive quotes on her first year of marriage throughout the captions! [Read more…]

Wedding Etiquette 101

Triple B often preaches the value of adding individuality to one’s big day. Following a long list of outdated rules typically tends to lead to a (yawn) cookie-cutter wedding. But some rules or standards are simply no-brainers, like covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze. However yesterday my colleague told me a story that stopped me in my Nine West pumps…Y’all won’t believe this! [Read more…]

Bridgette’s Pick of the Week – The Tasting Room

Confession: I am not a big wine drinker and neither is my fiance. I know that over the age of 30, folks are excepted to be able to at least pick a “nice” white or red to accompany a meal while out to dinner. We cannot. I’ve had some pretty fancy varieties in my day and I’ve been on a few swanky winery and vineyard tours — even one in South Africa. Still, we’re kinda clueless when it comes to vino. So when I learned of, I immediately thought, this is perfect for folks like me who want to serve wine at their wedding for their guests. Here are the deets: [Read more…]

Happy 20th Wedding Anniversary to Michelle & Barack Obama!

It's Our Anniversary: Flotus & Potus on their wedding day back in 1992.

Today, October 3, 2012, is the 20th wedding anniversary of the President of the United States of America Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle. Regardless of political alliances, few can deny that this couple is inspiring. They’re both smart, driven, dedicated to family, athletic and danggit they actually seem to like each other. Furthermore, the Obamas are honest about their relationship not being perfect. They give us a glimpse into their triumphs and their trials. And they display the type of affection none of us have witnessed in The White House prior to now. To help celebrate this monumental anniversary, Triple B created a slideshow of fave pics of the First Family. Enjoy! [Read more…]

Tie the Knot Tuesday – Sharifa & Leighton

Meet the Murdocks!

Bride: Sharifa Cudjoe, 33
Groom: Leighton Murdock, 31
Occupations: Cudjoe: fashion executive; Murdock: bus operator
Homebase: New York
Wedding Date: July 6, 2012
Wedding Location: ceremony and reception: The Liberty Warehouse, Brooklyn, NY

[Read more…]

“When’s the Wedding?!” and Other Newly Engaged Tales

The Road to Mrs. is full of surprises -- from the very start!

So, I’ve officially been engaged two weeks and two days. And I have probably answered the question, When’s the wedding? and Have you guys set a date? a few dozen times…at least. I’m not complaining; but I just feel so unprepared. My fiance and I agreed to not discuss “the wedding” at all the first week of our engagement. A mandate I suggested. I wanted to enjoy and live in the moment before we started breaking out spreadsheets and fabric swatches. [Read more…]

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