Bridgette’s Pick of the Week: A Case of the Bridesmaid Blues

Where My Girls At? Blissful bride Alexis Stoudemire flanked by her beautiful bridal party.

#BridesmaidGoals Blissful bride Alexis Stoudemire flanked by her beautiful bridal party.

It has been a minute since we covered bridesmaids on Triple B, so I thought today was a great time to revisit them. Okay, lemme come clean: I recently uncovered a vent from a bridesmaid on social media and had to discuss it with you all. Said bridesmaid, let’s call her Tara, is having a major dilemma due to her engaged friend’s requests for her wedding. Tara is presently one of six bridesmaids and she’s watching her coins like a hawk to get in better financial health. She and the bride-to-be are distant friends from high school. The bride’s requests include:

  • Paying for a ~$350 bridesmaid dress (before alterations)
  • Paying for a catered bridal shower that will host ~100 guests
  • Paying for bridal shower favors at $40 per guest

Whuuuut?! [Read more…]

Bridal Drama: Your Fiance’s Best Man is a Woman

What if your husband-to-be's best man is a woman?

So you said YES! The registry is coming along. Yay! Your photographer, venue and flowers have been selected and deposits made. Super! There’s still one concern. Your fiance — the love of your life — wants to have a female as his best “man”. [Read more…]

How Do I Decline a Bridesmaid Request?

To be a bridesmaid or not to be a bridesmaid...That is the question.

My cousin recently sent me a text asking the below question:

*Tara and *Nicky have been asked to be in a wedding but neither of them want to be another wedding right now. They want you to tell them how to break the news to the bride-to-be. Thanks!

So because of Triple B, I’ve become the unofficial go-to person in the crew for all things wedding related. Funny. But then I realized this question (and my answer) would become a great post. [Read more…]

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