Marriage Matters Monday – Newlyweds Gabrielle & D. Wade’s Wedding Video Trailer

The Wade Wedding was sentimental, funny and filled with loads of "wedspiration"!

The Wade Wedding was sentimental, funny and filled with loads of “wedspiration”. Don’t believe us? Just watch!

Here’s the long and short of it: This wedding video rocks. In conjunction with their first wedding anniversary, The Wades released a highlight reel of sorts to the public from their wedding day. Watch, enjoy and comment with your thoughts! [Read more…]

Tie the Knot Tuesday: MUST-SEE Surprise Wedding Video

SURPRISE: We're Getting Married Today!

SURPRISE: We’re Getting Married Today!

Certain wedding trailers force even the biggest cynics stop and smile. This video, created by Eric Blanks Media, is one of them. [Read more…]

Tie the Knot Tuesday (THROWBACK) – Nana & Akinola

Tie the Knot Tuesday presents: Nana & Akinola

This week’s Tie the Knot Tuesday is a flashback wedding trailer! Although the couple Nana and Akinola wed over three years ago, everything in this trailer is still relevant. As a planning bride myself, I find this inspiring because selecting decor, fashion and music for a timeless wedding trailer seems easy but is not an easy feat. Also take note of the couple’s inclusion of their African backgrounds (the bride is Ghanian and the groom Nigerian) at the end. Enjoy this treat and leave me a comment with your fave part of the video. [Read more…]

Bridgette’s Pick of the Week – MUST-SEE First Dance Video

I’ve already shared this video on Facebook and Twitter but you guys know I’m a bona fide sucka for a good wedding trailer so I had to make this my pick of the week on the site, too. This couple got down for their first dance. How cool are those masks?! So creative and just plain ‘ole fun — I’m sure their entire reception was a blast!

If my fiance and I did anything remotely like this it would surprise all our guests because he’s not a big fan of dancing. Will you or did you and your significant other shake a tailfeather like this couple did for your wedding’s first dance? Why or why not?

Tuesday Throwback – The Wedding Wobble

Yesterday I bumped into a dear colleague who informed me that she had been searching the site for the below video and was disappointed that she couldn’t find it. The Triple B TV videos that live on the right rail of this site get switched out every week or so. I originally posted this video last year and replaced it long ago so it sadly became Triple B history. But since so many of you seemingly enjoyed it and might be searching for it here as my colleague was, I’ve brought it back. It is such a feel-good lil’ diddy and apparently the recent Steel Magnolias remake has it on many radars again. I wonder if I can pull off something like this at my own wedding without my fiance thinking I’m (more) nuts. Hmmm…

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