Fashion Friday: Introducing Bridal Footwear Line, Nael Coce

The Ambi Bridal line from Nael Coce! (l to r: Charm & Eternity)

I recently traveled to Baltimore, Maryland to attend the launch of a fabulous new shoe line, Nael Coce. Nael Coce is the brainchild of PhD (yeah, you read that correctly) student, Sheena Young. Sheena’s mission was to create a line of footwear that was both fashionable and functional. This line actually offers “convertible” shoes — a pair of comfy ballet flats and pumps in one. Kinda genius, right? And there’s a few bridal options, too! [Read more…]

The Ultimate Crush: Fly Wedding Day Footwear

I just love how more women are thinking out-the-box when it comes to their wedding day footwear. From cobalt blue Manolo Blahnik stilettos (a la SATC’s Carrie Bradshaw) to funky metallic platinum and gold platforms that could easily work for a night out with the girls, the present options of footwear to jump the broom in are virtually endless.

I recently learned of yet another stylish online resource for bridal footwear that will knock your socks off called Shoe Crush. [Read more…]

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