Bridgette Bartlett

  • Look! Triple B is on TV (kinda,sorta)!

    Check out Triple B founder/editor, Bridgette Bartlett, dishing on all things bridesmaids via HuffingtonPost Live! WOO HOO! Pretty exciting, no? Don’t miss Summer of My Simply Perfect Weddings & Events weighing in, too. After viewing, leave a comment below with your thoughts on the topic.


  • (Not Quite) Tie the Knot Tuesday – I’m Engaged!

    Those of you who follow Triple B on Twitter might already know that this past weekend, I got engaged. And those of you who have been following Triple B here know that I rarely ever mention my personal relationship on this site. I’m a pretty private person. But I came to the conclusion – after […]


  • And We’re Back!

    Welcome to the newly improved! Or as we like to call it, Triple B 2.o! It’s been two years since our debut, so we decided to freshen things up a bit, yet still remain true to our original format that the audience loves. We’ve made a few changes. The first thing you should notice […]