Marriage Matters Monday

  • Marriage Matters Monday – 5 Ways to Seek Pre-Martial Counseling

    Please enjoy this informative piece by Philadelphia-based writer and mental health therapist Essence Cohen. I personally learned a lot from this article and I’m sure you will, too. Be sure to show Essence some Triple B love in the comments! There are so many exciting activities surrounding your wedding day that you can lose focus […]


  • Beyonce & Jay-Z Marriage Matters Monday – CAPTION IT!

    As mentioned on Triple B in the past, some images are so strong they require no words to describe them. The above pic was snapped just moments after Beyonce shut down (literally) the 2013 Superbowl with her electrifying halftime show. After her unforgettable performance, Beyonce’s hubby Jay-Z was waiting for her backstage and the two […]