Marriage Matters Monday

  • Marriage Matters Monday – How Do You Handle Divorce News?

    I have a confession: Since I’ve been engaged, the news of couples getting divorced gives me a case of the heebeegeebees. It saddened me before but now it actually more than saddens me; it scares me a little too. I realize this might seem self-absorbed but I’m being honest here. The most recent news of […]


  • Marriage Matters Monday – Who are Your Marriage Role Models?

    Last week I had the unique opportunity to chat about marriage, parenthood and lots of stuff in between with my mom, my fiance and his mom. The four of us happen to engage in this very impromptu (but life-changing) convo with a 78 year-old widow and her single forty-something daughter. The entire conversation was enlightening […]


  • Marriage Matters Monday – Meet Kimberly & Damon

    Today’s Triple B featured couple Kimberly and Damion wed on August 7, 2009. I typically only feature couples in Marriage Matters who have been hitched 10 years or more I think you’ll agree The Marshalls have a story worth sharing now. The couple has known each other through two sets of friends since 2000 but […]