15 Minutes with…Wedding Planner Ebony Peoples

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Ebony Peoples Events & Design

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Tie the Knot Tuesday – Sonia and Brett

Bliss is in the Air: Meet Sonia + Brett

Couple: Sonia and Brett
Wedding Date: May 31, 2014
Wedding + Reception Location: Angelus Mountain Center, Altadena, CA
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Marriage Matters: This Husband’s Work

Marriage Matters: Kyle with his wife Jackie of 9 years

Kyle Douglas, the author of today’s Marriage Matters personal essay, and I have known each other for over 25 years. As always, none of us know what happens in any marriage behind closed doors, but we can certainly learn from and be inspired by the ones that are seemingly healthy, happy and honest about how they attempt to stay that way. I’m proud of the husband and father Kyle appears to have become. I remember when this dude sported a high top fade! Check out his take on what it really means to work at a marriage.

This Husband’s Work by Kyle Douglas

As a child, it is not uncommon for someone to ask the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Back then I gave answers like, “A pilot, a professional football player, and even an electrician.” This mentality stayed with me ’til about my late teens and then something changed. I can’t tell you exactly what triggered it but those things were no longer important. My goal in life was to become a good if not great family man. [Continue reading...]

Bridal News You Can Use

Mane Event: Solange's wedding day 'do was a Triple B fave!

Apparently Solange’s hairstyle of choice (and that of niece Blue Ivy) on her wedding day offended some folks. Read about the foolishness here.

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Mars vs. Venus – Critique of a Groom’s Look

Man of the Year Looks Like a Million Bucks

Cousin Mars thinks – I’ll start by saying I am a huge Chappelle fan. I probably wouldn’t be too critical of any outfit he wore. Fortunately for me, Dave made critiquing this look a cinch.

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Bridgette’s Pick of the Week – Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Body Wash


Confession: Like most bloggers who regularly cover style and beauty, I often receive freebies. However I only post about those items that I feel are truly Triple B worthy; especially as my Pick of the Week. Here’s why this week’s pick, SheaMoisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Body Wash made the cut.

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Tie the Knot Tuesday – Kesha and Steven


Couple: Kesha and Steven Wedding Date: August 31, 2014 Wedding + Reception Location: Grand Historic Venue, Baltimore, MD Wedding Theme: Easy Elegance

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5 Things We Can All Learn from Solange’s Fab New Orleans Wedding Plus Video Footage


Kim who? Chile, please. Solange broke the Internet! The 28 year-old singer, DJ and Puma creative director wed her longtime boyfriend Alan Ferguson in New Orleans yesterday — complete with a second line — and the Internet went ba-na-nas. Here’s what all the hoopla was about and what we can all learn (or be reminded [...]

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Catch BlackBridalBliss.com on The Marsha & Money Radio Show!

Bridgette Bartlett-Royall on Marsha and Money Show - November 2014

You read that headline correctly, folks! I’m today’s featured guest on The Marsha & Money Radio Show. (Remember Marsha from this post? She’s a kick-a** personal financial planner and founder of The Finance Bar.) I’ll be sharing expert tips and tricks on staying within your budget while wedding planning, revealing a few never before shared [...]

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