Tracy Morgan and wife Megan Wollover

Tracy Morgan and wife Megan Wollover on Black Bridal Bliss!

Want more on Tracy Morgan’s wedding? Get the details here

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15 Minutes With…Event Planner Jessica McCrary Campbell’s 15 Minutes With Presents…Event Planner Jessica Campbell!’s 15 Minutes With Presents…Event Planner Jessica Campbell!

Company Name:
Jessica Campbell Events

Miami Beach, Florida

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Mars VS Venus Critique of a Groom’s Rehearsal Dinner Look

Idris on MvV

Idris Elba – Need I say more?

Mars thinks  I wonder how many of you ladies will actually take your eyes off of the photo and read my thoughts on this outfit. The man I still call Stringer Bell (The Wire), is definitely pulling off this ensemble. [Continue reading…]

Bridgette’s Pick of the Week – Pantora Mini

Pantora Mini debuts in Brooklyn, NY!

By now you’re hopefully familiar with Pantora Bridal, the chic Brooklyn, NY boutique specializing in stylish bridal and eveningwear fashion. Pantora creations have appeared on popular reality television shows and outfitted blushing brides and bridal parties from Bed-Stuy to Australia. Pantora designs are noted for a unique mix of modern textile and classic silhouettes, all with a glamorous […]

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Tie the Knot Tuesday: MUST-SEE Surprise Wedding Video

SURPRISE: We're Getting Married Today!

Certain wedding trailers force even the biggest cynics stop and smile. This video, created by Eric Blanks Media, is one of them.

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Marriage Matters Monday – In Sickness & In Health

Love Rules: Tracy and Megan are in newlywed bliss

Comedic actor Tracy Morgan tied the knot with longtime fiancee Megan Wollover in an intimate ceremony yesterday!

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Prep your guest for the party with these hangover relief kits

Checkout 24 creative wedding favor ideas here

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Chanel Iman

Mars thinks – I’m learning that I like jumpsuits. This outfit definitely gets my approval for bachelorette festivities. The ensemble is sexy and elegant. Chanel looks amazing. The sleeve design throws me off a bit, but the look isn’t ruined. Fitted sleeves could potentially improve these chic threads. I think this is a look that flatters the itty bitty committee more so […]

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Black Enterprise Golf & Tennis Challenge! (SPONSORED POST)

black enterprise golf and tennis

Are you searching for an unforgettable last-minute summer getaway? Well, our friends at Black Enterprise have a treat for you this Labor Day Weekend.

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Bridgette’s Pick of the Week – Why Are You Getting Married?

black bridal bliss

Short and sweet this week.

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Marriage Matters Monday: Don’t Forget to Have FUN!

A Couple That Laughs Together? Alicia Keys + Swizz Beatz Horsing Around

We’re smitten with this photo spotted on the Instagram page of singer Alicia Keys! Keys and her super-producer husband Swizz Beatz recently celebrated five years of marriage. As always, it is never a good idea to look at someone else’s relationship from the outside

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Natural up-do's are great alternatives for summer brides/bridemaids

Considering braids for you big day? Checkout these fabulous braided up-do’s here

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Mars VS Venus Critique of a Groom’s Look

Usher on Mars vs. Venus

Mars thinks – There aren’t many occasions that would allow one to attempt this look. Well, if you’re from Harlem, this could be what you wear on a random Tuesday afternoon.

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Bridgette’s Pick of the Week – Personalized Cutting Boards


I’m a sucker for most things personalized. These days, I’m also a sucker for home furnishings. I’ve learned that style goes far beyond clothes. Enter this fab cutting board (pictured above) from A Heirloom!

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Go Fund Me Accounts for Weddings?

crowdfunding for weddings black bridal bliss

It has recently come to the attention of the Triple B team that some couples are actually establishing GoFundMe accounts to pay for their weddings. This is not including couples who are ill and/or recently experienced an unfortunate life-changing disaster like a fire or car accident. Just your regular Jane and Joe asking friends, family […]

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Marriage Matters Monday – How Young is Too Young to Get Married?

Age Ain't Nothing But a Number: Me and my boyfriend at my NYU graduation in 2013.

In August of 2009 I was a nervous 18 year-old moving cross-country to New York City to begin my first year at New York University (NYU). Being that NYU is the largest private institution in the country and a PWI (predominately White institution), I mentally prepared myself to go through four years with a minimal […]

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Bridal News You Can Use featured book

Is an argument-free “Happily Ever After” really possible? One wife says yes! Find out how here

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Bridgette’s Pick of the Week – Bachelorette Fun in Washington, D.C.

Triple B on the scene in DC!

Jetting off to Las Vegas or Miami are expected destinations for bachelorette fun but did you ever consider turning up in Washington, D.C. for your last days as a single woman? Surprisingly, there are lots of ways to make that “last fling before the ring” trip unforgettable in Chocolate City. Check out our roundup of where to […]

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Kelly Rowland on the red carpet at the 2015 BET Awards

Mars thinks – I like this dress, but I don’t think it works for bridal related events.

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An Update on Tie the Knot Tuesday

Throwback Tuesday: Robyn & Victor had an unforgettable wedding day in Maryland!

Many of you are probably wondering what’s going on with Tie the Knot Tuesday. Rightfully so. Since launched in April 2010, hundreds of couples have been featured and Tie the Knot Tuesday quickly became the most popular franchise on Triple B. My dream of showcasing real Black women in all their bridal bliss came […]

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