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Sophia Webster on Black Bridal Bliss

Sophia Webster Bridal Collection

In search of the perfect bridal shoe? Consider these fun and fancy shoes by Sophia Webster here

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Final Fridays with Cousin Mars – Ross Oscar Knight’s In His Moment

In his new book, famed photographer Ross Oscar Knight uncovers what's going through a groom's mind before he says "I Do".

In his new book, famed photographer Ross Oscar Knight uncovers what’s going through a groom’s mind before he says “I Do”.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Ross Oscar Knight (photographer, author, speaker and philanthropist) and we discussed his newly released book, In His Moment. Here’s what he shared: [Continue reading…]

Mars vs Venus – A Groom’s Rehearsal Dinner Look


Rehearsal dinner ready? Mars + Venus decide…

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Tie the Knot Tuesday Celebrity Special – Miranda Brooke + AJ Green


Confession: Before this morning I had no idea who singer Miranda Brooke or Cincinnati Bengals NFL player AJ Green were. But the twosome tied the knot on March 21st in a lavish Atlanta wedding complete with several dress changes, plenty of bridesmaids and groomsmen, a six layer cake, specially choreographed dances at the reception and […]

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Marriage Matters Monday – Letter to My Daughter’s New Stepmom

Jada Pinkett Smith (far right) with husband Will's first wife Sheree and their collective three children have (over time) made their blended family thrive.

Bridal blogs tend to dish out warm and fuzzy wedding and newlywed advice as though everyone saying “I Do” has never been married and/or doesn’t already have children (whether together or from a previous relationship). Admittedly, even Triple B was guilty of this. Yet when many of us get engaged, we’re already mothers and/or are […]

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Bridal News You Can Use

First Date on Black Bridal Bliss

10 amazing dates you won’t want to end! Such awesome ideas here  Bridesmaids dresses you’ll want to wear post wedding. Ladies you be the judge here 

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Mars vs. Venus – Empire Edition

Empire's Anika - Mars vs. Venus

Cousin Mars thinks – The stylists on Empire did their thang during this first season. As someone close to me would say, Anika always looks fierce! 

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Mars vs. Venus – Empire Edition

Empire's Cookie Lyon - Mars vs. Venus

Cousin Mars thinks – DISCLAIMER – There aren’t many (possibly any) outfits that I wouldn’t enjoy viewing Taraji wear. 

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(Not Quite) Tie the Knot Tuesday – Ashley and Leonard

Meet Ashley + Leonard!

Couple: Ashley + Lenoard Engagement Session Locations: St. Simon Island and Jekyll Island (near Brunswick, GA) and Miami/Daytona Beach Wedding Date: May 10, 2015 Wedding Location: Ocoee, FL

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Marriage Matters: What Marriage Means to Me Series

Donald is marrided & lives in Texas

Marriage is a contract to some people, a commitment to others and most unfortunately, slavery to a few. For me, it’s two people who love each other coming together for the advancement of their common goals. My wife and I love each other and our common goals are

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Honeymoon Trends on Black Bridal Bliss

What do you think about these cool honeymoon trends? Such awesome ideas here

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Mars vs. Venus – Critique of a Bride’s Rehearsal Dinner look

Angela Simmons weaing Vivienne Tam - Mars vs Venus

Cousin Mars thinks – Looking at this dress confuses me.

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Marriage Matters: What Marriage Means to Me Series

Olivia on Black Bridal Bliss

Working with Black Bridal Bliss has afforded me the opportunity to interview scores of brides-to-be and women that have already jumped the broom. Two questions I often ask these individuals are: 1) What does marriage mean to you? and 2) What is/was your biggest fear entering marriage? The answers have been so entertaining and/or awe […]

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Bridal News You Can Use

Luxury footwear designer Jimmy Choo has a new bridal collection!

Jimmy Choo dream wedding shoes – Get ready to swoon here.

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Mars vs Venus – Critique of a Groom’s Bachelor Party Look

Michael B. Jordan on Mars vs. Venus

Cousin Mars thinks – He’s linked to The Wire – do you really expect me to say anything negative?

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Bridgette’s Pick of the Week – Practical Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

You and yours could be laughing all the way to the bank as newlyweds by adopting these frugal tips!

Searching for new ways to cut costs for your wedding day? Of course you are! Hopefully you already know that having a wedding on a weeknight (or any day other than Saturday) and during the fall or winter could be a significant cost-cutter. But there are many other methods to making your wedding dollars stretch. […]

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Bridal News You Can Use

Isabel Marant on Black Bridal Bliss

Spring coats for the bride! Find your favorite here

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15 Minutes With…Event Planner Ebony Small

George & Stacie

Company Name Longevity Wedding Consultants, Inc. Homebase NYC

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Solange Knowles on Black Bridal Bliss

Venus and I would like to honor the popular fashion show, also known as The Oscars 2015, that took place this past weekend with a Triple B recap. Each of us selected three celebrities that obviously wanted their photos circulated for the foreseeable future. Let us know what you think. Jennifer Lopez gave me all things […]

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We’ll Be Right Back!

Tie the Knot Tuesday Couple Seti + Harry!

Howdy! There wasn’t a new post on Triple B yesterday and there won’t be one today or tomorrow either. Folks, I’m tired. Really tired.

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