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Tie the Knot Tuesday – Lynda & Alonzo


The Wrights chose their gorgeous Harlem abode for their nuptials!

Triple B experienced technical difficulties yesterday so please enjoy this edition of Tie the Knot Tuesday on Wednesday.

Bride: Lynda Johnson, 54
Groom: Alonzo Wright, 47
Occupations: Lynda, Web entrepreneur/college professor; Alonzo, musician
Homebase: New York City
Wedding Date: May 29, 2010
Wedding Location: at the couple’s home in Harlem, New York
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Marriage Matters – Christy & Freddie

The Quartlebaums on their wedding day, June 1997

When I woke up and saw this article regarding marriages with(out) staying power from The Washington Post getting so much buzz on Facebook, I knew today’s post was timely. In today’s Marriage Matters profile, Christy and Freddie — who just celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary! — share how they keep their love, family and careers in-check. [FULL DISCLOSURE: These guys are one of my favorite couples and have the cutest little boys. I’m truly blessed to have so many positive examples of Black marriages in my circle and I don’t take it for granted.] [Read more…]

How Do I Get Him to the Altar? Reader Mail Answered!

Married matchmaker Paul Brunson dispels myths about men and marriage.

I received a message via Facebook recently (if you don’t “like” Black Bridal Bliss on FB already, please do so here) that I knew had to be addressed on the site. It went something like this:

I have been with my boyfriend for 2 years and everything is bliss but I need the ring. My strategy is on full blast. I bought the books, joined the Web sites… [Read more…]

Quick Bridal Bites From a Very Swamped Bridgette

Hey, Triple B fam! Mama B’s plate is really full today so I can’t post as I wanted to until tomorrow. In the meantime and in-between time, check out these links from other folks in the bridal blogosphere:

  • Are you getting hitched later this year (through November)? You might be an eligible candidate for the fun new TLC series, Four Weddings. Click here for deets.
  • Wanna share your love story for a chance to win $1,500? Peep this!
  • Based in the NYC tri-state area and searching for a funky videographer to capture your big day? Then check Wellspun Films out, ASAP. (Thank you, Camille.)

Enjoy your Thursday!


YOU can win a FREE copy of this book!

Howdy! Today’s post contains a gift for you. Woo Hoo! Mama is super-duper proud about it, too. Remember this piece a couple weeks back? Well, the cool folks behind I Still Do ($29.99, Imagine Photography) have offered to give a copy of this wonderful coffee table tome away to a reader of my choice. How cool is that, huh? Not only is this book one that will be a welcoming addition to your current library but it would make a lovely anniversary gift for some deserving couple. Keep reading to find out how you can score this book without spending a dime. [Read more…]

Tie the Knot Tuesday – Erika & Terence

Meet the Gibsons!

Bride: Erika Peters, 27

Groom: Terence Gibson, 28

Occupations: Peters, legal analyst; Gibson, systems analyst

Homebase: Maryland

Wedding Date: September 26, 2009

Wedding Location: ceremony and reception brunch: The Gardens at Sunday Park; reception after-party: Crown Plaza, Richmond, Virginia
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5 Easy Ways to Make a City Hall Wedding Fab!

FInd out how to make your city hall affair chic.

Last week I wrote about city hall nuptials and the post received quite a bit of feedback. Most of you agree that there is absolutely nothing wrong (or bootleg or tacky) about getting hitched by a justice of the peace. New York City for example has recently made the experience surprisingly memorable for couples. However a couple of you (thanks Ronda A.!) pointed out that a marriage is still a celebratory occasion. Family and friends want to enjoy it with the newly married couple in some capacity. Are there truly realistic and practical ways to execute a stylish city hall wedding? Absolutely! Here are my five suggestions for pulling it off:
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Marriage Matters – Ronnie & Lamar

Ronnie and Lamar on making love work.

Today’s post is a treat. I got the dynamic duo (Ronnie and Lamar Tyler) behind one of my favorite sites, to share some of their secrets for Marriage Matters with Triple B. Read on to find out more about the importance of dating after saying “I Do”, maintaining a blended family and why we should consider listening to Public Enemy for marriage guidance.
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Bridal Bits: The Limited, Anthropologie & Urban Outfitters Offer Wedding Dresses!

Can you believe this gown from The Limited is under 300 bucks?

Everyone is trying their hand at the bridal market it seems. J. Crew recently opened their first boutique dedicated to the budding bride but a few other unusual suspects are also getting in on the fun.
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Tie the Knot Tuesday – Virdina & Kevin, Part Deux

Watch their beautiful ceremony and get expert green wedding planning tips!

In last week’s Tie the Knot Tuesday I introduced you to the adorable newlywed couple out of D.C., Virdina and Kevin. This week, you actually get to watch a snippet of their fabulous wedding! The duo had their green nuptials designed and executed by some of the industry’s best bridal professionals. So, I caught up with the super-talented Katie Martin, a veteran wedding planner based in the District to get the 411 for Triple B on planning a green wedding that won’t break the bank.
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Important Tips for Booking Wedding Photographers

Make sure your wedding photographer captures the moments that count.

Wedding photographers share a unique relationship with their clients. The info photographers need for truly memorable images is far more personal than the predictable checked boxes mentioned in most bridal mags or guide books in their wedding photo inventory lists. You know exactly what I’m referring to: bride with father shot, bridesmaids shot, bride walking down the aisle…
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Tips from a Top Wedding DJ

A DJ can make or break your wedding reception.

Shaking my tailfeather at a reception is one of the highlights of attending any wedding. While on the surface I enjoy getting my two-step on, I think we can all agree certain tunes bring us pure joy. The universal language in all of her genres  instantly transport us back to our middle school crush, a sweet first kiss or a warm memory with a deceased loved one. Music and her first cousin dance are essential to a fun-filled and memorable wedding reception and helps us celebrate a special union all while creating new memories that we will later reminisce about in years to come. (Why does everyone have a relative who likes to visit the open bar way too much, flirt with all the young, single guests and never knows when to stop doing the cha cha slide?) [Read more…]

Thoughtful Escort Cards and Colorful Wedding Gowns

Make your guests feel extra-special with this nifty idea!

Howdy! Today’s post covers two totally unrelated topics. Sue me. First, I wanted to share a cool lil’ tidbit I picked up yesterday regarding escort cards for the wedding reception.
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City Hall Weddings – They May Not Be What You Think

A City Hall wedding can be as stylish (or "tacky") as you want it to be...

Last night I received a sweet message on Facebook from an old classmate about her upcoming nuptials. She’s just starting her planning and torn on the type of wedding she wants. I was ecstatic that she now considers Triple B one of her trusted resources for all things bridal (YAY!) [Read more…]

Tie the Knot Tuesday – Virdina & Kevin


Meet the Gibbs!

Bride: Virdina Milfort
Groom: Kevin Gibbs
Occupations: Milfort, beginning law school in fall 2010; Gibbs, IT Administrator
Homebase: Washington, D.C.
Wedding Date: April 22, 2010
Wedding Location: The Decatur House, Washington, D.C.
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Inside the J.Crew Bridal Boutique

See what's new at J. Crew!

Last week I checked out the brand-new J. Crew Bridal Boutique in New York City. First and foremost, I’m a big fan of J. Crew’s ready-to-wear so I was only expecting good things from this latest retail expansion completely dedicated to the budding bride. As I suspected, it did not disappoint — the store is fabulous.   [Read more…]

You Should Know: Mark Ingram

Meet Mark Ingram of The Bridal Atelier

Yesterday I posted about neglecting to show designer Amsale any love on Black Bridal Bliss since launching the site a month ago. (I truly hope you guys check her work out soon if you haven’t already.) However, I would also be remiss if I let another day go by without bigging up Mark Ingram on Triple B. Ingram is the mastermind behind the Mark Ingram Bridal Atelier. Ironically, he got his start in the bridal industry working with Amsale as a sales director. [Read more…]

Designer Spotlight: Amsale

Designer Amsale Aberra

On my way to the J. Crew Bridal Boutique yesterday (more on that soon), I passed the salon of one of my favorite wedding gown designers. I then realized that I’ve yet to mention the wonderful work of Amsale on Triple B! What a pity that is, too because Amsale is hand’s down one of the most highly regarded designers in the bridal game. [Read more…]

Informative (and fun) Bridal Resource!

How cute are those shoe soles on the right?!

The other day my amiga emailed me about a fab bridal resource in Dallas called The Wedding Party Studio. Said friend was muy impressed with the site and their offerings but I was admittedly a little leery that she exaggerated (just a bit) since she is obsessed with all things bridal these days. I was wrong. This site is a must-visit for any [Read more…]

Tie The Knot Tuesday – Tyisha & Lamar

Learn how this young couple for the city of brotherly love jumped the broom!

Bride: Tyisha Quattlebaum, 25
Groom: Lamar Quattlebaum, 28
Occupations: Tyisha, accounting associate; Lamar, home health aide
Homebase: Philadelphia
Wedding Date: June 20, 2009
Wedding Location: ceremony: Mt. Airy Church of God in Christ, Philadelphia; reception: Fireman’s Memorial Hall, Conshohocken, Pennsylvania
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