And We’re Back!

Welcome to the newly improved! Or as we like to call it, Triple B 2.o! It’s been two years since our debut, so we decided to freshen things up a bit, yet still remain true to our original format that the audience loves. We’ve made a few changes. The first thing you should notice […]

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Marriage Matters Mondays – New Book Alert!

Someone near and dear to me recently suggested I consider sharing Jamillah and David Lamb’s tome, Perfect Combination: Seven Key Ingredients to Happily Living & Loving Together with Triple B. My initial interest was piqued but I was even more intrigued when I learned the Lambs are also the powerful duo behind the popular long-running […]

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Happy Friday & Important Updates from Triple B!

WOO HOO! It’s Friday, most of us have a long weekend ahead and Monday (Memorial Day for us in the U.S.) marks the unofficial start of summer. ENJOY! Oh and those of you attending weddings this weekend (I’m going to one tonight!) that you think are Tie the Knot Tuesday worthy, be sure to send the […]

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The Road to Mrs. – Weight Loss & Sanity Gained

The original concept for my blog on Triple B was based on my attempt to lose weight before my big day. Surprisingly it has taken on a life of its own. I’ve touched on so many other subjects I never expected to hit on. I have enjoyed every minute of it; but unfortunately my weight […]

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Wedding Planning Lessons from a Billionaire Bride

Once in a blue, an event takes place in popular culture that just has to get discussed here on Triple B, even if the bride isn’t identified as Black. The latest such event would be the nuptials of tech tycoon Mark Zuckerberg and his college sweetheart of nine years, Priscilla Chan. I’m sure you’re aware […]

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Tie the Knot Tuesday – Natalie & Kizito

Bride: Natalie Nagthall, 36 Groom: Kizito Ssensalo, 32 Occupations: Nagthall: product development engineer; Ssensalo: software engineer Homebase: California Wedding Date: March 9, 2012 Wedding Location: (ceremony and reception) Southern Oaks Plantation; New Orleans, LA

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And the Award Goes to…TRIPLE B!

Earlier today I learned via Twitter that Triple B is being recognized by and moi has been selected as a one of the Best Black Bloggers of 2012! Ahem, I’ll take it! Check it out — Triple B is #18 in the slideshow. Congrats to all the other winners included as well. And the best is still yet […]

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*NEW* MUST – SEE Wedding Trailer!

I stumbled across this jaw-dropping video yesterday on Facebook and couldn’t wait to share it with you guys. I’ve seen a lot of wedding trailers and this was the first one that left me at a lost for words. The venue of Abbaye de Cernay in Paris is majestic, the bride’s gowns are exquisite and the […]

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The Road to Mrs. – Balancing My Fiance & My Friends

One of the trickiest balancing acts you have to learn when you decide to get married is the one of time management between your single girlfriends and your new spouse.  This is especially when your social life revolved around your girls before your relationship. It is delusional to think changes wont be necessary.

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Happy Monday! Today, Triple B announces another happy giveaway winner. Jacqueline Royall of New York City is the recipient of those two awesome beauty products in the TAY skincare giveaway first mentioned a couple weeks back. Royall, who favors a diet full of organic fruits and veggies and void of meat is delighted with her Clean […]

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The Road to Mrs. – I Love My Future In-Laws!

The closer it gets to our wedding date, the more real it all becomes. I have been completely living in la la land when it comes to wedding planning. While I have hit some bumps in the road along the way, for the most part it has all been pretty easy.  Way too easy apparently since […]

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Met Gala 2012 Bridal Inspirations!

Monday night’s MET Gala brought all the style, glamour, pomp and circumstance we’ve come to expect from the annual ball with a healthy dosage of “what the *?!# moments” for good measure. Here are the top five looks (plus a BONUS) that Triple B brides should look to for inspiration in preparation for their own […]

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(Not Quite) Tie the Knot Tuesday – Chanel & Payton

Bride: Chanel Thompson, 27 Groom: Payton Rogers, 29 Occupations: Thompson – Medical School Student; Rogers – Law School Student State of residence (for now): Thompson – NY; Rogers – MI Date of Wedding: Spring 2013 (Exact date not yet finalized)

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Marriage Matters Monday – Awesome Wedding Trailer!

Just last week an engaged Facebook buddy pleaded in her status update, “To or to not do a wedding video? I love the idea, but my fiance isn’t sold. Need to convince him. Help!” Of course, Triple B was on the case. I immediately sent her a link to Tie the Knot Tuesday couple Cleo and […]

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The Road to Mrs. – I Hired a Wedding Planner!

It is crunch time and thus far I have approached wedding planning as a DIY bride. I am very proud of the accomplishments I have made on my own. Especially since event planning on this scale is not my forte. The bulk of the major decisions have been made.  Contracts, deposits and price negotiations are […]

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New Wedding Registry

I recently had the pleasure of attending a cool launch event for and at NYC’s hip Bobo restaurant. (Usually spots described as “hip” are anything but however it is an accurate description of Bobo.) has revamped their site to offer a unique wedding registry. Here’s the lowdown:

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Tie the Knot Tuesday…Will Return Next Week!

Apologies for the MIA Tie the Knot Tuesday feature this week. Triple B editorial contributor Laura had a family emergency (prayers are welcomed), I’m on deadline for a few freelance stories, in addition to updating the site and planning a Triple B event later this month. Whew! But, TTKT will return next week. Thanks for […]

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Remember that awesome giveaway announced a couple weeks back with haircare company, Mizani? Well, we have a winner. Her name is LaKisha Coles and she resides in Roanoke, Virginia. Here’s a very happy LaKisha holding her four (!) Mizani products that she won for being the first person to correctly respond to this question: Tell me […]

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The Road to Mrs. – Nixing the Peanut Gallery

In planning my wedding I have come to realize something I wasn’t expecting when I first started: Everyone you know has an opinion, a request or feels a way about something when it comes to your day. Now this is not always a negative. But one thing is for sure; it adds pressure to an […]

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