The Road to Mrs.- Adventures in Wedding Planning Part II

Ever wonder if there is a Disneyland for flowers and décor? Well, the Los Angeles Flower District is sort of like that. That place is truly magical. Seriously. From flowers to sparkly table runners, it is a budget bride’s dream [Read more…]

Frugal Floral Find: Vera Wang for FTD

A lovely bouquet of calla lilies from the Vera Wang FTD Romanticist Collection

Flowers can really blow a wedding budget — it is not uncommon for brides to spend a few thousand dollars on floral arrangements for their big day. As I previously shared, I’ve allocated a very small portion of my wedding budget to flowers. Very small. However many brides are serious about having certain flowers for their big day and choose not to go the DIY route. So upon learning that bridal big dog Vera Wang teamed up with national floral resource FTD, I’ve been anxious to share the news here on Triple B! [Read more…]

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